Wargame Giants SSI and SSG to Collaborate on Decisive Battles of World War II Product Line

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Strategic Simulations Inc., (SSI) announced a new publishing agreement with Strategic Studies Group (SSG), developers of "Warlords", "Reach for the Stars" and numerous other award winning titles. In May, SSI will publish The Ardennes Offensive, the first product in SSG's new Decisive Battles of World War II product line.

"World War II gamers he world over should be excited by this announcement. Both SSI and SSG have earned strong reputations in this genre, and it is difficult to imagine a more auspicious partnership," says Chuck Kroegel, President of SSI. "We are pleased to join Microsoft and Broderbund as publishers of SSG's strong product line."

Decisive Battles of World War II: The Ardennes Offensive is an operational-level strategy game focusing on the Battle of the Bulge fought in Belgium during December 1944. Game features include SSG's new land combat system, a full campaign and complement of scenarios playable as either the Allies or the Germans, and a host of unit options.

An interesting sidebar to this story is that SSG co-founder and Vice President, Roger Keating, partnered with SSI as an independent developer before spinning off to found SSG in 1984. SSI published Keating's first title, Computer Conflict, in 1980 and followed with six additional titles between 1981 and 1984. "I've always respected SSI'\s product quality and I'm pleased to be working once again with this talented and dedicated group of individuals," says Keating.

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