Fighting Force to be released by Core Design
in September 1997

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We follow the exploits of four main characters, Mace Daniels, Hawk Manson, Ben (Smasher) Jackson and Alana McKendrick as they fight their way through approximately 10 action packed levels which break down into around 25 awesome stages. The levels range from office buildings and trains, to flying airships and secret islands.

Fighting Force allows the player(s) an unparalleled freedom of movement within its 3D worlds. Choose your own destiny by selecting which route you want to take through the game; play it again and you can take a different route, exploring areas not previously seen.

An incredible variety of weapons can be collected as you progress but you can also use surrounding objects - for example, smash the railing in the elevator and use it as a weapon, bang the drinks machine and you'll get a handy bottle to glass someone with...there is a wide variety of objects which can be picked up and doing so may present the player(s) with a special bonus.

Each of the four characters will have attributes that enable them to perform specific tasks or gain access to areas that the other characters cannot reach. They have around 40-50 character-specific moves each, not counting special moves and the use of weapons. The player(s) can also fight with multiple enemies at the same time ie. 2 main characters onscreen plus 5 or 6 baddies at any one time.

As well as Dr Zeng, there will be around 6 main bosses and a host of enemies to include blading babes, motor cycle maniacs, mutants, cyborgs and seemingly innocent members of the public...

Fighting Force is a cross between Tekken II and Die Hard Arcade, but places the characters in a complete 3D world that enables them to walk around and explore, using and abusing surrounding objects at will. A one-on-one (possibly 4 player) arena mode will also be included in the final game.

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