ASCII Entertainment releases the Grip

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The one handed controller designed specifically for the Sony PlayStation

Redwood City, CA, May 1997 -- ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc. is out to satisfy the entire gaming community with it's next generation of PlayStation controllers which include the new ASCII Grip, one handed controller. That's right!! Available third quarter, just in time for a scorcher of a summer, ASCII offers the Grip to cool off those summer heatwaves. It has an awesome ergonomic design, different button configurations, and gives the gamer a free hand for the kool drink.

The ASCII Grip is the perfect controller for RPGs and strategic simulation games. The freedom of a one handed controller has to be experienced to be believed. The ergonomic design is made to provide extreme comfort to both left and right handed gamers! Not only that, but ASCII has also designed a soft rubber backing for even further comfort. Big hands, small hands, somewhere in-between, it doesn't matter, the Grip is designed to fit everyone. And then there is the button layout. It allows easy access to all of the PlayStation buttons. The 3 pre-programmed configurations allow you to customize the Grip to best suit the game your playing. One of the button configurations also allows the player to program two buttons for different moves that you may want but are normally too difficult to pull off. So now, if you have an X,O button move that seems too hard to pull off, don't fear, just program it to one of the two trigger buttons. On top of all the buttons (actually next to) is a solid, one-piece directional disk that will eliminate thumb fatigue and give the player all the control they want.

With so many RPG's and strategic games heating up the PlayStaion this year, the Grip promises to be a sure-fire winner for any PlayStation owner. The pure convenience, fun, and functionality of the Grip all factor into making this the PlayStation controller of the seasons.

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ASCII Entertainment Software is the American wholly owned subsidiary of ASCII Corporation of Japan. Concentrating on the software division of ASCII Corporation's diversified high technology and mass media industries, ASCII Entertainment has carved out a niche in the U.S. and the rest of the video gaming world both in video game controllers and software titles.

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