ASCII Entertainment Introduces an Authentic Solution: The Arcade Stick

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The joystick designed to simulate the coin-op experience

Redwood City, CA, May 1997 -- ASCII Entertainment is gearing up to release its latest Sony PlayStation peripheral, the ASCII Arcade Stick. The idea was simple. Go to the arcade. Get the arcade feel. Now, how can you bring it to the PlayStation? ASCII did it and handled all the technical stuff in-between. True-to-form arcade grip, jumbo size buttons, coin-op layout, solid metal base, and rugged steel construction make this arcade stick the one that gamers will be fighting for.

What's an arcade stick without some punch?

The ASCII Arcade Stick covers all the bases by incorporating each of the PlayStation's 8 buttons in an authentic coin-op layout. All buttons are easily accessible and clearly labeled. You won't miss a kick when it comes down to knocking your opponent into oblivion. The feel and response of the buttons are top-notch and there is no beating that.

Who's up to bat?

ASCII has done it before and now they will do it again. They have made the move to make the console gaming experience perfectly emulate the arcade one. How did they do that you ask? Well, you got the buttons, and now ASCII's tossed in the arcade stick, bat, or whatever you prefer to call it, to replace the oversize ball that exists on so many home arcade sticks. Now you can easily pull off your favorite arcade moves without thinking twice.

Quite simply, how?

ASCII's implemented everything they had on their Arcade Stick. It features microswitch technology that allows even the most difficult moves and combos to be pulled off flawlessly. The solid steel base makes this stick both rugged and durable. It stands up through the tuffest tests. All the greats took a crack at it and the ASCII Arcade Stick always prevailed. Watch for it coming to your living room third quarter, 97.

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ASCII Entertainment Software is the American wholly owned subsidiary of ASCII Corporation of Japan. Concentrating on the software division of ASCII Corporation's diversified high technology and mass media industries, ASCII Entertainment has carved out a niche in the U.S. and the rest of the video gaming world both in video game controllers and software titles.

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