ASCII Entertainment Software to publish Felony 11-79 on the Sony PlayStation

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Redwood City, CA, May 1997 -- Reporting officers responded to a Felony 11-79 in progress at ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc. in regards to their latest software title. Upon arrival, victims, shopping centers, multiple vehicle pile-ups, beach-front property, billboards, hotel lobbies, and basically the rest of town, had been ravaged by this new title. Set to be released in all 50 states in the third qtr of this year, Felony 11-79 features exactly 22 cars. A list of sample vehicles follows: Passenger Bus, Formula 1, BMW, Street Sweeper, Tank, Pick-up Truck, etc. All are available for mass destruction in the downtown and seaside areas. However, some vehicles may require different techniques in order to appear (it is believed that only four vehicles are available at game start).

From the aftermath, it was blatantly apparent that graphic milestones were accomplished in multiple areas of gameplay. These include, but are not limited to: Fully-rendered vehicles, super-fast 3D polygon graphics, real-time light-sourcing, completely navigatable city-streets, and a complete disregard for any and all traffic laws, moving violations, and driving game standards.

Witnesses attested to the fact that the operation looked to be a heist. The burglar managed to escape police barricades, roadblocks, high-speed chases, and crowded streets to get away with merchandise reportedly valued at $10 million. The contents of the stolen goods were not available at the time of this report but are believed to be ancient artifacts. They could be the key to larger and more lavish riches. Additional investigation is needed.

During the chaotic vehicular mayhem that ensued at the time of escape, a record setting number of felonies and misdemeanors occurred which included: several hit cyclists (none seriously injured), fruit stands pulped, ambulances destroyed, police vehicles run off the road by suspect, a mangled trailer truck, toll booths demolished, broken flower pots, a double decker bus decked, and a roadside caf‚ made roadkill. It is believed that you will be addicted/enchanted/mesmerized by this title announced above.

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ASCII Entertainment Software is the American wholly owned subsidiary of ASCII Corporation of Japan. Concentrating on the software division of ASCII Corporation's diversified high technology and mass media industries, ASCII Entertainment has carved out a niche in the U.S. and the rest of the video gaming world both in video game controllers and software titles.

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