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Vancouver, Canada, May 14, 1997 - ACT Labs, developers of cutting-edge game peripherals for PC and console systems, announced today their partnership with Immersion Corporation to create a high-end force feedback driving wheel. The gaming industry will get a first look at the wheel during the Atlanta E3 show in June.

The new wheel will combine ACT Labs' HYPER Programmable game control with Immersion's innovative I-FORCE technology. As well as being able to enjoy the realistic feel of games that support the I-FORCE standard, PC speed demons will have the option of programming a range of force feedback responses into buttons on the wheel. HYPER Programmability also assigns multiple keyboard commands into a single hot button, reducing the need to access the keyboard while driving.

"Once you experience our new driving wheel there will be no turning back," comments Joel Sanderson, Product Manager for ACT Labs. "Programmable force feedback can be used in games with or without force feedback support, which will finally bring realism home to the PC racing fanatic." Standard features on the driving wheel will include six HYPER programmable buttons, an four-way directional pad, and a programmable Formula-1-style gear rocker on the steering column. The movement of the foot pedals has been refined to reduce slippage and provide greater control while playing at your computer desk.

The move to join forces with Immersion Corp. strengthens ACT's commitment to bringing gamers the latest in advanced technology. Immersion's President, Louis Rosenberg stated, "We are excited to have ACT Labs incorporate our I-FORCE technology into their upcoming steering wheel. ACT has a reputation for pushing technology to its limits, creating impressive game devices at reasonable price points."

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Founded in 1994, ACT Labs has invaded the gaming industry with a series of peripheral systems designed to max the gaming experience. ACT's multi-platform product line consists of joysticks, gamepads, arcade sticks and light guns for both the video game console and PC markets. By combining manufacturing expertise with a hardcore gaming edge, ACT has created a dynamic team, committed to the development of innovative, easy-to-use game controllers.

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