Prepare to Join The Survivors of Gallius IV On Their Quest For An Ancient Alien Homeworld

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Accolade Announces Sequel To Top Selling Strategy Game, Deadlock

San Jose, CA, April 15, 1997 -- One of the top selling turn-based PC strategy games of last year, Deadlock, prepares its return in Accolade's Deadlock 2.

"Deadlock was one of the our best selling titles last year," said Jim Barnett, president and CEO of Accolade, Inc. "Our customers asked us to deliver a sequel that was even bigger and better. As a result, we created Deadlock 2."

In the first edition of Deadlock, the player's goal was to conquer Gallius IV. Deadlock 2 takes place in the aftermath of the Gallius IV struggle. During the resulting settlement of Gallius IV by the victor, many alien shrines were discovered - created by a mysterious race known as the Ancients. These shrines hold the secret to the location of the Ancient's homeworld. In Deadlock 2, players must prepare to risk all as they play a linked campaign taking them for planet to planet through the galaxy on a quest to find this valuable homeworld.

Deadlock 2 will feature all new campaign play with 42 scenarios including hidden maps, separate campaign goals for different races, two new types of victory conditions, including alliances between players or a win-by-combat mode, greatly enhanced combat featuring nine new types of combat units, including submarines, surface vessels, and air units, a fully featured map editor, revised streamlined interface, and enhanced alien characters, graphics and cinematics. The game will also feature 14 new types of buildings, a completely revised technology tree with 13 new types of technologies, and vastly improved AI.

Also returning to the Deadlock series will be the challenging multiplayer capabilities that made the original game such a success. Deadlock 2 will be playable via LAN, modem and Internet.

Deadlock 2 will be available this holiday season for personal computers running Windows 95.

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Found in 1984, Accolade, Inc. publishes action, sports and strategy games for multimedia personal computers, the Internet and the Sony PlayStation game console. Leading titles from Accolade include HardBall, Jack Nicklaus Golf, Test Drive, Deadlock and Star Control. Accolade games are available from major software specialty stores, computer superstores or direct from Accolade. The products are distributed by Electronic Arts Distribution. Accolade is privately-held and based in San Jose, CA.

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