The Combat Continues with Westwood Studios' Counterstrike

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The first official mission disk for the mega-hit Command & Conquer Red Alert is now available at retail

Las Vegas, NV, April 3, 1997 -- The war rages on for fans of Command & Conquer Red Alert as Westwood Studios today announced the release of the highly anticipated Red Alert missions disk Command & Conquer Red Alert Counterstrike. The mission disk is now available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99. Created by the original Red Alert design team, Counterstrike contains an arsenal of new features, weapons and hidden secrets. n Counterstrike, gamers can play 16 all-new missions to decide the ultimate fate of the Allies and the Soviets. Also included are 100 multiplayer maps and several new units including tesla tanks, self-defending ore trucks, elite Soviet commandos and more nuclear weapons. The CD-ROM also includes eight new battle songs, connection software for Westwood's online gaming service, Westwood Chat, and a Red Alert Windows 95 desktop theme pack, including cool desktop backgrounds, patterns, icons, AVI movies and screen savers.

"Our fans keep asking for more of the action that made Red Alert a mega-hit," said Brett W. Sperry, president of Westwood Studios. "And just as Covert Operations provided hours of additional combat for Command & Conquer, Counterstrike delivers even more action and strategy for Red Alert."

System Requirements

Counterstrike is available for PCs equipped with a Pentium processor, Windows 95, 8 megabytes (MB) of RAM, 2x CD-ROM, and 30 MB of free hard drive space. The game supports Microsoft DirectDraw - compatible video cards, and Microsoft DirectSound and SoundBlaster - compatible sound cards. A minimum of 14.4 kbps modem is required for head-to-head play, and an IPX network is required for local area network play. For Internet play, a 28.8 kbps modem or a direct Internet connection is required. Players must have Red Alert installed on their hard drive to access the new missions and multiplayer maps on Counterstrike.


Counterstrike is now available at all major software and video game outlets worldwide. The product can also be ordered directly from Westwood via the company's Web Site, or by calling 1-800-874-4607. Virgin Interactive Entertainment is the exclusive worldwide distributor for all Westwood Studios' products. The suggested retail price is $29.99.

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Westwood Studios is a prominent publisher of best-selling PC, Mac and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has released several popular titles including: DuneII, Lands of Lore, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Monopoly for the Internet and the Command & Conquer product line, which has sold over 4 million units worldwide since its debut in 1995.

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