Realms of Arkania III
SHADOWS OVER RIVA in stores May 1

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Ogdensburg, NY, March 28, 1997 -- Sirtech announced today that Shadows Over Riva, the third installment of the Realms of Arkania series and sequel to the role-playing hit, Star Trail, will be available to gamers May 1, 1997.

The final chapter in Sirtech's award-winning Realms of Arkania series has been one of the most anticipated and talked about games to hit the role-playing scene. Shadows Over Riva features a new 3D graphics engine, new monsters and loads of new items. An automap and completely customizable diary track you in your travels. Shadows also features a complete, built-in hypertext manual easily accessible right from the game (a printed manual also comes with the game).

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Sirtech's products have an unparalleled reputation for quality, depth of play and technical excellence with each game painstakingly crafted and designed to provide hundreds of hours of riveting entertainment for the most demanding gamer. It's titles have garnered more than 70 prominent awards and commendations world-wide.

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