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New Version Adds Pro Packs For Additional Questions From Favorite Teams

San Mateo, CA, March 26, 1997 -- Building on the home run power of the original version, Sanctuary Woods Multimedia (NASDAQ Bulletin Board: SWMCF) introduces Major League Math 2nd Edition -- an innovative CD-ROM utilizing the natural connection between math and baseball to provide a unique learning environment for kids. Part of the company's Head Coach family of educational software titles, the new program features several enhancements, including two-player mode for friendly competition, improved game performance and Pro Packsd with up to 28,000 additional questions, which may be accessed by CD-ROM or downloaded from their website, www.ah-hah.com.

Like its predecessor, Major League Math 2nd Edition offers kids from ages 8-12 the ability to play with team names and logos for all 28 big league teams -- the result of a unique agreement between Sanctuary Woods and Major League Baseball Properties, the licensing arm of Major League Baseball.

Rather than field grounders, players field more than 4,000 questions from the program's database of word problems, tables and charts, all of which use current Major League Baseball information and statistics. The play also incorporates basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, decimals, averages, percentages, fractions, etc. 22 skills in all.

As an added bonus, the new version also includes a Pro Pack,d an unlockable CD-ROM found in each box that provides users with an extra 1,000 questions pertaining to one specific team. For $9.95 per team, users have the opportunity to add as many as 27,000 more questions to game play.

Once they take the field, kids select what kind of pitch to throw, and when at bat, whether to try safely for a base hit or go for the bleachers. After a user answers a question, the play then unfolds on a simulated stadium screen with high resolution and 3-D photo-realistic graphics resulting in more than 240,000 different play animation possibilities.

The program is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Systems requirements for the former include 486DX/33 or higher, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or higher, 4MB of RAM (8MB of RAM for Windows 95), hard drive with 8MB of free memory, Super VGA monitor (640x480, 256 colors) or better, sound blaster or compatible sound card and a CD-ROM drive. Macintosh users must have LCIII or higher, System 7.0 or higher, 5MB of RAM, hard drive with 8MB of free memory, 13" color monitor and a CD-ROM drive.

Currently shipping for $29.99, Major League Math 2nd Edition can be purchased at select software and general merchandise stores nationwide, through distributors or direct from Sanctuary Woods at 800/943-3664. Teacher's versions that include special manuals and materials are also available.

Following in Sanctuary Woods commitment to supporting kids and education, in April the company will be sponsoring the first annual World Series Challenge, a national competition between schools playing Major League Math 2nd Edition.

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Founded in 1988, San Mateo-based Sanctuary Woods Multimedia is the innovative developer of the Head Coach line of sports-based educational software, including Major League Math , NFL Math and NFL Reading, as well as Franklin Learns Math, Franklin's Reading World and Franklin's Activity Center.

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