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March 25th, 1997

Blood Patch 0.99c

The file 99b99c.exe is a self-installing patch. Just download and run it. You must install the 0.99b patch FIRST before running this patch. Blood Patch .99c

RELEASE NOTES: Blood version .99c net and modem play is not compatible with previous versions of Blood. This is due to significant compression and reduction in the overall size of transmitted packets. Blood version .99c saved games and demos are not compatible with previous versions of Blood.

Changes and fixes in version .99c:

    Optimized net/modem packets

    No sync errors reported at 9600, 28800, and 33.6k baud even after several hours of BloodBath play.

    Optimized Artwork Loading

    This change reduces perceived lag due to artwork caching at the beginning of the game. Future optimizations will include gib art, weapon art, and sound effect pre-caching.


    A corrupted animation file would cause a crash on some machines. Also increased the Credits playback speed.

    Sound Bugs

    Fixed some sound channel related problems.

    Added colored lighting effects

    Currently only used in the registered levels.

Click here to download the patch (467 Kb).

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