SEGA Saturn Version of Syndicate Wars Cancelled

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Guildford, UK, March 97 -- After much internal debate, Bullfrog Productions has ceased development on the Sega Saturn version of Syndicate Wars.

The decision was made on the basis of global sales forecasts which it was felt were not high enough to justify the development costs.

In announcing the cancellation of the Sega Saturn version of Syndicate Wars, Les Edgar Managing Director of Bullfrog Productions said, "The cancellation of a project is not something we do lightly at Bullfrog. However, when we analyzed the figures on a global basis, it seemed that projected sales made the continuation of the project unviable. For this reason we have decided to cancel the project".

Syndicate Wars was originally published on the PC CD in October 1996. A version for the PlayStation is still under development and this is planned for a June release.

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