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San Francisco, CA, February 19, 1997 -- Gamer alert! Ubi Soft Entertainment is offering a special MMX technology-based multi-player edition of POD, the new adrenaline pumping, rubber-burning, get-off-this-planet-or-you'll-die sci-fi racing game. The special edition is now available at major retailers nationwide, displayed on Intel's retail kiosks for owners of Pentium processors equipped with Intel's super-multimedia MMX chip.

For MMX owners whose systems came bundled with POD, the $14.95 program upgrades users from the single-player preview edition that came with their machines to a full multi-player version that is the same as the one set for retail release April 1st. Like the forthcoming general release, the upgrade features the ability to link up to eight simultaneous players over any mix of Internet, local area network, modem or two-computer direct-link connections. It also contains four new tracks and enhanced gameplay including improved vehicle handling, intensified artificial intelligence, and more differentiated level selection.

For individuals whose systems did not come with the game, the new CD-ROM contains a multi-player shareware edition of POD with two cars, two tracks and multi-player capabilities. (Ubi Soft's Web site will also carry the POD shareware starting February 28, but the special edition saves you four hours of download time!) The package also includes a $5 coupon toward the purchase of the upcoming retail edition, compatible for systems with MMX technology as well as Pentium processors 100MHz and higher. This full version will include eight customizable cars, 16 regular tracks, four environments and three difficulty levels, and will retail for $49.95.

The game is set on a futuristic planet where a cancerous green fungus called POD is rapidly destroying everything in its path. Players are locked in a desperate race to determine who will escape before the planet explodes.

Developed with Intel's MMX technology, POD employs the new super-multimedia chip to deliver the market's fastest racing game, with groundbreaking acceleration in graphics, video, picture processing and sound. The game runs at up to 32 frames per second on bare MMX systems, or up to 80 fps with a 3Dfx 3-D accelerator card; on Pentium systems, it will still sizzle at up to 25 fps.

POD's eight-player mix-and-match connectivity options also make it the most advanced and flexible Internet racing game on the market. Example: Two people playing in split-screen mode on the same computer will be able to link up with a friend in another city by calling the IP number of a designated server, and that friend will be able to link to other gamers in his company over his corporate LAN. Special engineering reduces latency problems frequently experienced by online gamers delivers smooth movements and eliminates system jumping.

To keep the game fresh and exciting, the POD Web site (www.ubisoft.com) will offer a free matchmaking service called POD-NET enabling players to find Internet opponents with no need for middleman gaming fees. A virtual game room will give users the ability to download new tracks, new vehicles and the best "ghosts" from other games. Chat with other POD gamers, learn about POD tournaments, view a ranking of all competitors and more.

POD: it's the hottest thing on virtual wheels.

For more information, call Ubi Soft Entertainment at 800-UBI-SOFT or 415/547-4000.

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Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc., a $50 million European-based software publishing and distribution power was founded in 1986 in France. Ubi Soft entered the software development arena in 1991 after its continued success in software distribution, representing 35% of all entertainment software to the French market. In addition to its U.S. offices in California and its headquarters in France, Ubi Soft has offices in Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, England and China.

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