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Medford, OR, March 10, 1997 -- Trilobyte, Inc. and Aftermath Media, today announced an agreement entitling Aftermath Media to legal ownership of Tender Loving Care, an interactive FMV CD-ROM and full length feature film developed at Trilobyte. Aftermath also received legal license to Trilobyte's GROOVIE authoring tools. Both decisions were agreed upon February 26, 1997.

Aftermath Media, wholly owned by Rob Landeros and David Wheeler, is a separate entity from Trilobyte, Inc. Landeros, Trilobyte co-founder and former CEO, co-founded Aftermath Media with the goal to develop high-quality products with broad consumer appeal. Aftermath firmly believes in creating advanced entertainment titles that combine the interactivity of a CD-ROM and DVD-ROM with a sophisticated, compelling storyline. Landeros commented "My interest is in using elements of all media and, through interactivity, enhance the entertainment value of good storytelling and substantive content."

Trilobyte COO, David Luehmann, commented "Trilobyte is focusing all production efforts on developing Internet-specific action/strategy products that will provide gamers with what they have been waiting for; persistent, multiplayer environment games specifically designed for online play. Trilobyte has been working day and night to ready Assault!, our first 3D Internet-based game, for beta testing Q2, 1997. The transfer, of TLC, to Aftermath is a natural progression for both companies concerned."

Luehmann continued "Rob retains an ownership interest in Trilobyte and agrees that Trilobyte's focus is best channeled toward developing cutting-edge Internet-based technology. In the same vein, we believe that TLC and future Aftermath products will flourish under the control and direction of Rob as Aftermath embraces and supports the full potential of FMV CD-ROM development."

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Founded in 1991, Medford, Oregon-based Trilobyte, Inc. is dedicated to developing cutting-edge Internet-based software designed for multiplayer gaming. The company, in its culture and mission, is redefining what it means to be a game developer and rethinking what it takes to be entertaining.

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