SEGA's Saturn Quake Deal Rocks the Competition

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London, UK, January 30, 1997 -- In the hottest software announcement yet this year, Sega Europe confirms that Quake - PC gaming's biggest property - will make its next-generation debut on the mighty Saturn.

"Quake's technically advanced visuals and game play are legendary," comments Andy Mee, Sega's European Marketing Director.

The Saturn release takes the title a stage further with a host of exclusive new features such as interactive light-sourcing and enhanced audio to deliver a more intense gaming experience.

Sega's agreement with GT Interactive for id Software's Quake heralds an aggressive software release program for 1997. As well as Quake, the deal includes the exclusive Saturn release of Duke Nuken and OddWorld: Abe's Oddysee. Sega's strategy cements the Saturn's position as the platform with the most sought-after games.

"Sega is serious about gaming and this agreement is further evidence of our commitment to deliver the very best video gaming experience - first or exclusively on the Sega Saturn" adds Mee. "We'll do it with Quake, Formula Karts from Manic Media and other killer titles we have lined up to announce later this year."

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