UEFA Champions League to have official computer game

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February 1997 -- The official UEFA Champions League computer game will be launched in March to coincide with the next round of the international competition. Released initially on PC CD-ROM then two months later on Sony PlayStation, UEFA Champions League 1996/97 is the most realistic and downright fun-to-play 3D soccer game yet.

Capturing all the passion and atmosphere of the most prestigious club competition in the world, the game features all 16 teams in this season's league. For those gamers who aren't Manchester United supporters, there is a team editor which allows them to replace the Red Devils with their own club. There are also a bonus 32 international teams to play in international club competitions.

The presentation of the game very much reflects that of the real Champions League. Player photos and statistical presentation are 'as seen on TV', and even the players' overall footballing prowess is true to life. Stadia are based on the real Champions League venues and are packed with the sounds and atmosphere of a top international game. The human player can chose a viewpoint of literally anywhere in the stadium, and has total control over team formation and tactics.

Out on the pitch, the computer players move with a fluidity and range of movements never before seen in a computer game. Tackling, chesting, arguing with the ref and blowing kisses at the crowd are just a few of the 120 actions in the game. Their realism is the result of an advanced method of motion capture, the process used to incorporate a real player's movements into the actions of computer characters. Not only do the players look good, they also have a sophisticated artificial intelligence that makes them particularly pro-active, so they will find a space and call for the ball, for example, rather than wait for it to come to them.

The PC version of UEFA Champions League 1996/97, due to be launched in March at an RRP of 39.99 British pounds, allows 16 human players to take part in the same competition with up to four people playing simultaneously for frantic head-to-head action. The PlayStation version will be launched in May at 44.99 British pounds.

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