Mindscape announces Su-27 Flanker Version 1.5

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The sky's the limit as Mindscape upgrade "most realistic flight sim ever"

Following the release of Mindscape's hugely acclaimed Su-27 Flanker, the Version 1.5 upgrade brings new challenges and standards of accuracy to a product already hailed as the most realistic military flight simulator ever.

Su-27 Version 1.5 features 150 new missions, carefully graded to range from basic flight training to pinpoint ground strikes. This comprehensive range of new missions offers challenges and excitement for everyone from the novice to the fully experienced pilot. Further missions can be constructed using the random mission generator which allows unlimited new scenarios to test your aviation skills.

Su-27 Version 1.5 incorporates a new, comprehensive training manual with detailed instructions on take-off, flight, landing and aerobatics so even novice pilots will be up, up and away in minutes. These skills can then be put into action with a multi-player facility allowing up to 16 players to fly with or against each other over a local area network.

Su-27 Version 1.5 supports Direct3D 3.0 compatible hardware accelerator cards and employs Gouraud shading to give greatly enhanced graphics and unprecedented realism.

Su-27 Version 1.5 is available for Windows 95 in April 97 priced at 19.99 British Pounds and requires the customer to have Su-27 V1.0 or V1.1 to function.

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