Retired Army Personnel Join Interactive Magic's iM1A2 Abrams Beta Test Team

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Research Triangle Park, NC -- Interactive Magic, a developer and publisher of Internet, Online and CD ROM games, has added retired U.S. Army personnel to their iM1A2 Abrams beta test team. The new beta testers are being used to ensure that the much anticipated simulation closely portrays the real American tank.

"iM1A2 Abrams will raise the bar and set another standard for modern-day tank simulations," said Interactive Magic's Chairman "Wild Bill" Stealey. "Having U.S. Army personnel on our testing team has helped boost the level of realism in our game. In a few weeks, people around the world will be able to experience the thrill of driving a seventy ton monster tank across the desert sands of Iran."

"Our goal has been to develop the most realistic tank simulation in the marketplace," said Arnold Hendrick, I-Magic's Chief Game Designer. "We are testing everything from the tank's weapon systems, and armor strength, to the M1A2's new CITV (Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer) targeting system."

iM1A2 Abrams provides players with total control over the U.S. Army's main battle tank. In the game, players can quickly move between the tank's gunner, driver, and commander positions and engage enemy targets at will. The exciting new title contains individual missions as well as eight campaigns in Iran, Ukraine, and Bosnia.

In the game, players can command an entire platoon of M1A2's, plus other vehicles and aircraft - all from a variety of external views and multi- zoom strategic map. iM1A2 Abrams is being developed for Interactive Magic by Charybdis Enterprises.

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Interactive Magic is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and is dedicated to developing and publishing high-quality multimedia games for the Internet, On Line and CD ROM.

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