Eidos Interactive Brings Fast-Paced Multiplayer Racing to the Formula One Circuit with Power F1

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Power F1 to Bundle Bonus Game, Big Red Racing

San Francisco, February 12, 1997 -- Eidos Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eidos plc (NASDAQ: EIDSY), a developer and publisher of entertainment software products, announced today the forthcoming release of its multiplayer Formula One racing game, Power F1. In addition, the company plans to bundle its fast and furious arcade racer, Big Red Racing, with Power F1 for the complete racing experience.

Power F1 is the latest heart-thumping, fast-paced Formula One racing game to hit the circuit. Featuring split screen and multiplayer options for up to six players, Power F1 is based on actual Formula One data including all 17 1995 Formula One tracks. The fast action gamer can incorporate the auto breaking and steering assistance features for an exciting racing game with an arcade feel, or one can choose to customize the physics of the car for more of a simulated experience.

"The quick and easy set up combined with the multiplayer, arcade, and sim like features creates and enjoyable racing experience for all levels of players." commented Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos Interactive. "Racing enthusiasts can also get muddy in our fast and furious bonus game, Big Red Racing."

Big Red Racing is a kidney crunching, pedal to the metal, get massive air kind of game. It features 24 tracks on 7 different terrains such as dirt, water, snow and sci-fi. Gamers can choose from 16 vehicles including jeeps, dump trucks, helicopters, and hovercraft. In addition, racers can choose single player or multiplayer options for up to six players. Big Red Racing is also available for multiplayer gaming on DWANGO, Mplayer, and TEN. Power F1 will be distributed in North America by Eidos Interactive.

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Eidos Interactive is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products for the PC, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Macintosh. Eidos Interactive is part of the Eidos group of companies, which includes Eidos Technologies, a software-based video compression and decompression technology company, and Glassworks, a post-production facility specializing in digital effects and video editing for the television and advertising industries.

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