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Warwickshire, England, February 1997 -- With game play that grips players by the neck and 3D visuals that create a complete roller-coaster experience, Micro Machines V3 is the best multi-player racing game, is ready to take PlayStation owners for a head-spinning ride through the miniature world of all-action racing.

Micro Machines V3 combines the dynamic fluid game play of every other Micro Machines game but, for the first time, sets the racing in a true 3D- modelled world where, as the 48 racing circuits are explored, the players move through different dimensions.

Up to 8-players can simultaneously hit the accelerator of 32 different Micro Machines vehicles - all of them barely an inch in length. Where racing in sports cars, buggies, power boats, trucks, hovercraft or even camper-vans, the circuits are set in and around the Micro Machines house where everyday objects, appearing immense in size by comparison, can help or hinder your pole position.

Scoot up a resting ironing board to a table top, use a cheese wedge as a ramp, or send your vehicle flying into the air thanks to a handy lift from a pop-up toaster (although this does involve the vehicle bursting into flames).

An all-new addition to Micro Machines racing is the inclusion of hidden weaponry which can be added to the vehicles. Locate the bonus icons and opponents are sent crashing to their doom with force-fields, fireballs, a hammer delivering earthquake-like blows and - best of all - grabber claw which snatches an opponent's vehicle from the track and chucks it to the back of the race.

Ten different events provides the freedom to race in all manner of Micro Machines challenges. Head-to-Head racing, Tournament racing, Single races, Time Trial events and Chase events make for thoroughly playable and addictive action.

With such a variety of options, the event selection section is designed as a game in itself in which a buggy is guided across an isometric landscape of roads, garages and carwashes to exit at the game style of their choice.

Spider, Cherry, Joel, Walter and all the favorite Micro Machines race drives are back at the steering wheels and this time more life-like than ever. Each character has been fully motion-captured, modelled and characterized to create "living" cartoon characters which not only move with individual flair and emotions but talk too!

Girl-racer Cherry becomes a real star of the game as she takes the hand of any Micro Machines racing novice and guides them through their paces in her Driving School. Illustrating the tricks and tactics to transform any new comer into a lethal speed merchant, the Driving School is played over five different circuits.

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The Micro Machines video game racing series is a universally acclaimed experience capturing the purest game play. Since its inception in 1990, the Micro Machines series has successfully spanned three console generations. 750,000 copies later and six years on, Codemasters delivers the most exhilarating installment in the series with Micro Machines V3.

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