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Comic Adventure With Attitude Offers Edgy Cartoon Graphics, Outrageous Humor And A Wild Cast of Characters

Novato, CA, February 3, 1997 -- One must remember... "The road is straight; it's the journey that's twisted," according to the heroic, mystic marsupial Koala Lumpur. And a twisted trek it is with Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge, Broderbund Software 's (NASDAQ:BROD) new comic adventure with attitude. Developed in conjunction with Colossal Pictures, the folks who created Liquid Television, the journey begins when Zen Master Koala Lumpur mistakenly utters an incantation, which if left unchecked, will bring about the Comedy Apocalypse. Koala has been charged by Ella Mental, the supreme being herself, to find the pieces of The Lost Scroll of Cartoon Prophesies. Locating these missing scroll pieces that have been scattered across the comic universe is the only way to prevent this impending doom.

"We expect this to be a big year in Broderbund entertainment," shares Ken Goldstein, vice president and executive publisher of the Entertainment Studio at Broderbund Software. "We've had a lot of fun working with the immensely talented people at Colossal Pictures, and the product reflects this energy. Biting humor and satirical themes, outlandish characters and tremendously edgy graphics make Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge an adventure game like no other."

"This project incorporates everything we love to do - it's funny, very distinctive visually and completely fever-brained," says Drew Takahashi, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Colossal Pictures. "Its animation, but it's not for kids...unless, of course, you don't care how they turn out." San Francisco-based Colossal Pictures, a high tech animation facility has a distinctive style and a reputation for creating award-winning productions which have attracted clients such as Nike, Coca Cola, Levi Strauss, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Sega. Colossal has focused some of its creative energy in a new direction with interactive projects like Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge. Their ability to bring off beat characters and worlds to life through cell based animation helps to set this graphic adventure game apart from any other on the market.

In Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge, the player assumes the role of Fly, Koala's spirit guide familiar, who guides Koala and his canine sidekick, Dr. Dingo Tu Far, through an animated comic book world. This wild journey takes the trio through exotic locals such as, The Land of Lost Things, Stream of Consciousness, and Eye in the Sky. Along the way they encounter Tuff Luv, Dr. Dingo's demented ex-girlfriend and psychotherapist, Woody Knot, a shady ventriloquist dummy on the lam, and Annie Body, a possessive, obsessive six year old genius. As Fly, the player must guide Koala and Dr. Dingo through a junk-filled underground labyrinth, a high tech playground, and even some twisted therapy sessions. Whether or not, Fly, Koala, and Dr. Dingo can save the universe will be determined by their ability to outwit their adversaries, overcome hilarious challenges, and find the missing pieces of the Lost Scroll of the Cartoon Prophecies.

The Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge site features the totally twisted "Daily Enlightenment", where users will see the latest thoughts from Koala Lumpur and Dr. Dingo Tu-Far. It also features an exciting Shockwave demo where players can sample a round of "Dogspeak", a puzzle within the game where players can learn the mysterious language of the "Lost Dogs". This dedicated web site also offers wallpaper downloads, excerpts from the game, screen shots, explanations of the games' puzzles, and links to some outrageous sites in cyberspace.

Broderbund's lineup of entertainment titles for 1997 includes a wide variety of top-notch adventure, strategy, and action games. Titles on the horizon include Riven, the sequel to the number one entertainment title of all time, Myst; an April release of Jordan Mechner's The Last Express, a mystery adventure game; Warlords III: Reign of Heros, a medieval fantasy strategy game developed with Strategic Studies Group that releases this summer; The Journeyman Project 3, a first person time travel adventure game developed with Presto Studios; WarBreeds, a real-time strategy game of planetary conquest and genetic supremacy, developed internally by the Broderbund Entertainment Studio; Outrage!, a 3D action game developed with Raven Software; and The Logic Factory's, The Tone Rebellion, a real-time strategy game of deliverance from the Leviathan.

System Requirements

The Windows CD-ROM of Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge is currently shipping to stores with an approximate street price of $39. The product will require a system running a minimum of Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 66 MHz 486, 8MB RAM, 4MB hard disk space, double speed CD-ROM drive, and SVGA monitor running 640 x 480, 256 colors.

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Broderbund Software, Inc. develops, publishes and markets a broad line of interactive content for use in homes, schools and small businesses. Since its founding in 1980, Broderbund has pioneered innovative award-winning products that take advantage of the latest technologies. Broderbund has a successful track record of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends through its studio development approach.

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