Enter a World of Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels With Biing!

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Welcome to a world of sex, intrigue and scalpels. Biing! is the definitive digital prescription for the human condition. In this fast paced, zany hospital management simulation, the player must take control of the day-to-day hospital functions, governing the antics of its crazy quacks, mad matrons and cuckoo casualties.

The game starts when the player buys or rents a plot on which to build a medical empire. After that it's a non-stop roller coaster of medical madness. Hiring staff, attracting patients and making sufficient profits to increase services and facilities. There are many unorthodox and corrupt ways of pulling in more patients such as employing the services of savage hooligans to beat up innocent people, who then require medical attention or to vandalise rival hospitals putting their facilities our of action, so the injured and sick have to visit your hospital for treatment. More patients mean more money which in turns means more facilities and more profit!

The player has to build a hospital from scratch, buying equipment, opening emergency rooms, operating theatres, casualty departments, and wards to keep the patients in, while they are in recovery. Every department and ward has to be fully equipped and there must be sufficient facilities to take care of both patients and staff. The player must buy food, and hire chefs to feed the sick and wounded, as well as providing a canteen and recreation room, desperately needed by the over-worked underpaid medical staff.

It's also a good move to consider your prospective employees vital statistics before recruiting them. Sexy staff in the canteen keep the tired doctors spirits up and sexy nurses performing a steamy strip routine will stop the patients from getting bored and irate while they are waiting to be seen or recuperating.

Biing! has anaesthetists, hypochondriacs, matrons, doctors and nurses not to mention disease-ridden, vomiting patients, all of whom get up to some pretty amazing antics! The game is packed with great SVGA graphics, eccentric humour and fantastic sound effects. Biing! - It's definitely not a job to undertake if you are feeling at all under the weather!

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