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Axelerator for PC CD-ROM is 21st Century's first car racing simulation. Developed by Magic Bytes in Germany, Axelerator is a full-on-shoot-the-other-cars-if-they- get-in-your-way type of game.

To satisfy all player abilities, Axelerator has three levels of car (Chevy's, Mustangs and Hellcats) to choose from and seemingly endless paint jobs for each, to suit all aesthetic tastes.

With no less than 24 tracks spread through nearly every continent in the world, the scenery and challenging terrain ensure that the player never bores of jumping behind the wheel. The tracks are visually astounding and highly original with huge concrete loops that can only be successfully negotiated through accurate steering and perfect speed on approach.

Not content with the thrill of speed alone, Magic Bytes have added a huge arsenal of weaponry to maximise the adrenaline rush. There are two types - weapons of defence or attack. The neutrobooster is a weapon of defence - it sucks the car to the ground allowing the player to floor it round the tightest of bends without spinning out of control.

Besides the usual hood mounted machine guns and heat seeking rockets, the attack weaponry includes cunning little items like oil slick shooters and magnetic mines. If you are feeling really nasty, enter the pitstop and leave nails behind when you leave to puncture all four of the fresh tyres on the unsuspecting car behind you.

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