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When I first started playing this game I could not stand it. My frustration level grew as I was unable to progress through the game at the pace that I wanted to. I would be easily defeated by some of the lesser monsters of the game, but I am glad that I persevered! As your character grows (both in magic and in might) the game becomes more pleasurable and yet still challenging. The shear extent of the game, with its numerous worlds, will hold your interest!

Your character is Prince Austin Lyle Forester. His father was a fearless man, and with a powerful sword was able to drive the evil out of the land of Verdite. Then evil re-emerged and somehow consumed your father the King. Alas he had to be destroyed, so the castle was brought down to seal the evil and your father was killed. The evil continued spreading throughout the land. You are the next chosen one. The one that will rid the land of all evil just like your father had done.


The opening of the game is not that bad in terms of interest and captivation. The graphics use polygon technology. It is not as flashy as some other games but the 3D imagery is effective. The effectiveness is created by the various vantage points the opening provides, from the gargoyle sitting on the hill, the monster flying over the swordsman, a look down into a well, to a glimpse of a battle.

The general graphics of the game are not the most visually dynamic by any means, but they do suffice. Details you will notice tend to be sacrificed. For example, when you meet someone and you talk to them, you will notice that their face does appear to be quite blank.

Manipulations / Controls

A key to success in the game is to master the movement of your character. Learning how to run while avoiding missile attacks, or evading monsters is necessary for success in the game. Strafing is essential in terms of dodging magic attacks, moving cautiously throughout the game, and is essential when it comes to direct combat with a monster. There is also the unique attribute of being able to tilt your head up and down. This is good for examining objects whether they are on the ground or on a wall.

There are many various weapons and armor to be found in the game. Equipping the proper items will make life easier when combating monsters. Do not get rid of special items (eg. Aquarian Boots), they will probably be very useful somewhere in the game.

There are also many objects and items. Some restore Hit Points, some restore Magic Points, and some do both. The effect may be partial or full restoration. Stock up on these items for they will come in handy!

Another form of travel in the game is warping. There are several items that facilitate this type of travel and there are also warp pads. Learn where these warp trips take you, for they may also save your character's life on occasion.


Initial combats may take some time and frustrations may arise when you are not as successful as you would like to be. With acquired knowledge of your adversary and with practice, these same encounters will become quite easy.

It is important that you build up your magic ability and strength. There are various forms of magic at your disposal, such as; fire, wind, water, earth and light. Aiming your magic and hitting your target will take some practice. You will miss, it is how often that you miss that is important. Do not forget the magic attacks against you, dodge, dodge,...

Swordsmanship requires timing and positioning, both of which will require practice. Hint, whenever possible, get in behind the monster and attack. Your other long distant attack is the bow and arrow. The same challenges face you that you will encounter when firing magic attacks. Practice!

There are over sixty various forms of monsters in the game. Each will provide a new challenge when first encountering them (some will be a challenge whenever you face them). Learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Another key facet in combat is the various locations where you will be doing your fighting, such as; uneven terrain, cliffs, hallways, cave, islands and on bridges. Each location poses a different challenge when encountering monsters. An example, you are on an island, you strafe to dodge a magic attack, into the water you go and you are dead.


The sound is acceptable and is essential for play throughout the game. Various sounds warn you of dangers, whether they be monsters or traps. The sound and sound effects are by no means compelling but are adequate. More work could have been done in this area.


You will find yourself wanting more of this game. The challenge of the game creates enough interest and intrigue to make you want to play more. The game does take some time to get use to but after a while it is quite easy to run and control. What it lacks in terms of graphics and sound is made up for by the extensiveness of the game. There are 25 different worlds to explore, and in doing so will take many hours to complete this game.

Patience is necessary for certain items are only found in certain worlds and to use these items you may have to retrace your steps back through several worlds (eg. a silver key). You will either have to have a great memory or you will be doing some mapping while exploring this game.


If you are into role playing games King's Field II is worth the money. It does start off slow but your interest will grow as each world is conquered. I confess, I had the cheat book so that I was able to buzz around quite easily (I think I still played about 30 hours). For those who will not have the cheat book, the game will offer more challenges and subsequently should even be more enjoyable and entertaining.

I enjoyed the game immensely and most people should! Remember that a storage card is essential to play this game.

Written by Kurt Lohrum


Overall: ****

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