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New York, NY, January 16, 1997 -- Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., (NASDAQ:AKLM), announces the unveiling of the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter official Web site. The Turok: Dinosaur Hunter site provides plenty of information, graphics, contests and other surprises surrounding the eagerly-anticipated new Nintendo 64 video game. The site will be updated weekly with the latest information on Turok as well as regularly changing screen shots and QuickTime movies.

Available this March, Turok is an action-packed dinosaur hunt featuring explosive action, breathtaking 3-D effects and completely interactive environments. This immersive first-person perspective game, stocked with the most complex and destructive weaponry, has been bestowed with incredible advance press, with GamePro exclaiming "Acclaim has developed an original and fascinating corridor shooter that puts all previous games in this genre to sleep."

Located within Acclaim's Web site, the Turok site features:

The Game - Detailed gameplay information based on the popular Acclaim Comics/Valiant Heroes comic book is available.
Screen Shots - Launched with 17 screen shots, new images will be featured on a continuous basis.
Weapons - Check out twelve of the most deadly weapons ever created.
Enemies - Get familiar with Turok's enemies...before he turns them into dust.
Game Design - Take a peek into the mind of David Dienstbier, project manager of Turok, and get a glimpse of what Turok looked like during its development.
Previews/Reviews - Don't just take our word on the quality of this game, read the previews and hear what the gaming experts are saying.
QuickTimes - These 5 QuickTime movies capture the brutal essence of Turok... with more to come!

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