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January 14, 1997 -- Sega PC hits the high revs with the launch of Sega Rally Championship on 30th January for the PC CD-ROM platform.

Sega PC is giving the green light to the all-time classic arcade racing game for native Pentium PC's in response to unprecedented demand from desktop gamers. "This is one of PC gaming's most eargerly-awaited titles and the accurate conversion will delight Pentium players," comments Hitendra Naik, Sega PC's European Product Manager.

Sega Rally is an arcade-perfect conversion from one of the most popular coin-op games ever created. Sega's dedicated development teams have programmed the most realistic tyre-screeching video game extravaganza available with sampled speech and engine noises for added realism. The game's hyper-realistic graphics, handling, smooth animation and heart-pumping gameplay have set the standard all other racing titles aspire to.

Sega Rally for the PC has been made fully networkable with IPX and TCP compatible LAN's, allowing Pentium gamers full screen head-to-head racing for the first time since the arcade original. A direct connection between two PC's can easily be facilitated by a serial link whilst modem-to-modem play allows you to challenge anybody - anywhere in the world. As well as these options, a two-player split-screen race can also be enjoyed on one terminal.

Sega Rally is the ultimate racing challenge where the object of the game is to be the first across the finish line over a series of three gruelling tracks. Players begin by selecting either a Toyota Celica or a Lancia delta - both with rally specifications and automatic or manual transmission. PC gamers can view the action from a choice of two viewing angles as they tackle the tough terrain on the forest and desert tracks. The road racing on the mountain track will test even the most accomplished drivers with its twists and array of hairpin bends.

Sega Rally builds on its impressive gameplay with a host of extra features including a time attack mode which allows gamers to challenge their personal best by racing against a 'ghost' car which replays the fastest route taken. PC gamers can look forward to hidden bonus cars and tracks which can only be accessed once players have proved they are up to the challenge by successfully completing the championship mode.

All Sega PC titles, including Sega Rally, have been programmed for easy installation. The first time a Sega PC game is loaded, a Sega directory will be set up. Other Sega PC titles will be saved in the Sega directory, when loaded, to build an instant library of "point-and-click" game choices.

Sega's arcade games are enhanced for the PC platform with such features as faster frame rates, added colors, higher resolution graphics and added control options, including live help screen guidance while in play mode, and are compatible with standard PC peripherals.

System Requirements

ControlKeyboard, Joypad, or Joystick
OperatingWindows 95
CPU Type and SpeedPentium Processor, 75Mhz (90Mhz recommended)
Memory16 Mb
Available hard drive50 Mb
CD-ROM SpeedFour speed and above
Graphics16-bit color
AudioSound Blaster 16 and compatibles

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