Mike Wilson and Shawn Green Join Computer Game Design Company, ION Storm

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Dallas, TX, January 10, 1997 -- id Software's Mike Wilson and Shawn Green announced today that they are joining former id colleague, John Romero, at his newly-formed computer game development company, ION Storm. Wilson, who was id's director of marketing and distribution and "biz guy", is assuming the role of ION's chief executive officer. Green, previously a project manager at id where he oversaw the company's port projects to the Mac and console systems as well as its level packs, joins ION as a game programmer.

"With id's decision to remain focused as a small technology-driven gaming company, the emphasis on creative marketing and distribution efforts began to decrease," said Wilson. "When Romero approached me about coming to ION and driving the company towards his vision, the opportunity was too good to pass up." Wilson will be taking off for Cancun for a little R & R before joining ION.

"ION has some incredible ideas for game design and development," said Green. "Their approach and resulting games will set the standard for design and game play in the coming years."

"I am psyched that Mike and Shawn are joining us at ION as they will be an incredible asset to our team," said John Romero, founder and chairman of ION Storm. "ION has a very strong relationship with id and plans to license the QUAKE tech for our games as it far surpasses anything out on the market today."

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ION Storm, based in Dallas, TX, is a revolutionary new computer game design company where the designer's vision is law. Led by industry legends, John Romero, Tom Hall, Todd Porter and Jerry O'Flaherty, ION currently has three titles in development: a role-playing game, an action/adventure game and a real-time strategy game. Founded in November, 1996, the company will break down the barriers between computer game genres, creating a more immersive and engrossing gaming experience.

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