Westwood Studios Commands & Conquers the Macintosh

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Westwood Studios announces the Macintosh release of the award-winning, best-selling Command & Conquer

Las Vegas, NV, December 19, 1996Macintosh strategy game enthusiasts around the world cheered loudly today as they heard the news that Westwood Studios has released the long-anticipated Macintosh version of the best-selling Command & Conquer. The game comes complete with all of the fast-paced, action-filled missions of the original PC version, with some added features not yet available to PC owners.

"We're thrilled to continue supporting the Macintosh community with the long-anticipated release of Command & Conquer," said Brett W. Sperry, president & CEO of Westwood Studios. "Mac users have been impatiently waiting their turn to play the game that redefined strategy gaming. With its cross-compatibility, Mac gamers can now take out their PC brethren."

"Apple works closely with its important publishing partners like Westwood Studios to ensure that the best games are published for the Mac OS," said Mark Gavini, games evangelist at Apple Computer. "Whenever possible, we want to be sure that the Mac version offers advantages, such as high resolution graphics, that Mac users expect from a top-notch title such as Command & Conquer."

A bonus for the Macintosh community is that they will be the first to play Command & Conquer with high resolution graphics and more extensive multi-player support than was available on the original PC version.

"Mac users may have had to wait for the excitement of Command & Conquer, but they will be the first to play the game with high resolution graphics and improved Internet functionality," said Sperry. PC owners will also be able to enjoy similar feature enhancements with the February release of Command & Conquer for Windows 95."

Game Background

Command & Conquer is a real time combat strategy game set in the near future where two major factions, Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of NOD, fight for control of the world. The GDI represent the democratic way of life while NOD is a totalitarian regime led by the brilliant, if enigmatic, Kane.

Players choose whether to fight as either the GDI or NOD. Each side is equipped with their own specific weapons and technology, making the strategies needed to win different for each side. While each mission has its own objectives, players must coordinate a variety of activities including: base construction, weapons manufacturing, attacking the enemy as well as defending their own base. In between missions, players are treated to exciting cinematic sequences that reveal more of the story, as well as high resolution cut scenes and dramatic moments.

System Requirements

Command & Conquer is available for Power Macintosh computers (equipped with PowerPC CPU) running System 7.5 or later, 8MB free RAM (16MB free for Internet play), a 2x or faster CD-ROM drive, 30MB free hard drive space plus 10 MB free to run the game, a 14.4 kbps modem (28.8 recommended) or AppleTalk network required for the multi-player option, and a color monitor. Internet play requires at least a 28.8 kbps modem or a direct Internet connection, Mac TCP 2.0.6 or Open Transport v1.1 or higher, and 16MB RAM.

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Westwood Studios is a prominent publisher of best-selling PC, Mac and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has consistently released popular titles including: Dune II, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Lands of Lore, the Command & Conquer game series and Monopoly CD-ROM with Internet capabilities. All of Westwood Studios title have sold more than 250,000 units world-wide, with Command & Conquer and Red Alert selling more than 2.5 million units combined. Westwood is also releasing versions of Command & Conquer for Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, Macintosh and Windows 95 platforms.

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