Mindscape Announces the Development of Azrael's Tear and Megarace 2 for the Pentium processor with MMX technology

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January 8, 1997 -- The sole creation of British based Intelligent Games, Azrael's Tear stands alone as the most sophisticated puzzle-solving and interactive game of its genre. Released in August 96 in a PC CD-ROM format for both Windows 95 and Dos, Azrael's tear is a quest, a puzzle, a contest and above all, a totally absorbing story, about the search for the holy grail. Now Mindscape proudly announce the development of Azrael's Tear for the Pentium processor with MMX Technology.

Stunning, state-of-the-art graphics take the player in real time through over 70 3-D environments. Skill and imagination are required to solve complex and sophisticated puzzles, encountered on an epic journey through an atmospheric underworld. Each character you meet has its own history and personality, producing figures who interact and communicate with originality and realism.

Azrael's Tear is not just a game, but a complete experience which takes us on an imaginative journey into a whole new world of magic, mystery and combat. The Pentium processor with MMX technology enhanced features provide an increased 3-D display area and a higher color mode (16 bit color), in addition to unique surround sound digital sound effects and atmospheric music tracks; high resolution 640 x 480 SVGA graphics, and a real time 3-D engine set in first person perspective.

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Mindscape released Megarace 2 for PC CD Dos in September 96 - a stunning and sophisticated sequel to the global hit, Megarace, which was created exclusively for Mindscape by French developers, Cryo, in 1994. Now Mindscape announce the development of Megarace 2 for the Pentium processor with MMX technology.

Megarace 2 is a sequel so graphically compelling and wonderfully playable that the UK's leading computer games magazine, PC Zone, predicted it will be "an absolute blast when it hits the shops". The objective is simple - to do whatever you have to, no matter how ruthless, to cross that finish line first!

Racing and driving skills, as well as strategy, are the new emphases in the gameplay. More complex multi-laned and multi-path track design is accompanied by additional and more visually staisfying weaponry. More speed, more action, more white knuckle high-speed thrills!

Incredible 3-D world detail that nobody else can even come close to, and impressive video streaming technology give Megarace 2 a unique, knock-your-socks-off look and polish. Now the Pentium processor with MMX technology enhancements provide full screen real-time action, 16 million colors (32 bit SVGA) and 25 frames per second.

Action packed racing, supreme driving skills and strategic weaponry combine, for bumper-to -bumper, side-swiping manoeuvring and brute force blasting throughout Megarace 2.

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