Banzai is a Rebelbug without a cause, a free spirit in search
of the lust of his life and the adventure to go with it...

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Grolier Interactive (UK) Ltd is to unleash Banzai Bug on the PC gaming fraternity mid-March 1997!

Oxford, UK, December 18, 1996 -- Banzai Bug is a quirky, fast paced action fight game featuring unrestricted flight capabilities in a fully rendered 360 degree environment.
The story begins when Banzai, a young and cool bug-dude, finds himself trapped in a house with a bunch of other bugs (a bunch of losers), an insane slug (with delusions of grandeur) and a foxy lady spider by the name of Natasha.

The house belongs to an Exterminator and his family, a group of sadistic "biggies" who hate all insects and like nothing better than killing and torturing them! The other resident bugs in the house are planning to build a "Stinkulator", a device which emits such a foul smell that it would rid the house of the nasty human inhabitants.

The player must guide Banzai and his bug buddies around the house, dodging the aerial obstacles such as Mum's hair spray and Dad's armada of mechanical bug predators. Don't get caught by little Bobby's inclination for plucking out bug wings, this could prove deadly!

Each new room provides you with puzzles and aerial challenges and they get harder as the game progresses. These wacky tasks include a kitchen bombing raid to gather up stinky cheese to guiding a fleet of bugs into the ear of the sleeping Exterminator to collect ear way for the "Stinkulator".

All in all, Banzai Bug is a game like you've never seen before, a truly original concept with bags of un"bug"lievable game play!

Banzai Bug is supported by Microsoft's DirectX technology and will be available for Windows 95 platforms in mid-March 1997.

Key Features

  • Unlimited freedom of flight through 360 degrees using 3 flying modes: Plane, Helicopter and Hover
  • Wacky mission based level scenarios
  • Unique gaming perspective. Seen from a bugseye view
  • Weird and wonderful Weaponry and Power-ups
  • Quirky and mad-cap cast of characters. From the brainy Albert Flynstein to the delectable 8 legged beauty, Natasha
  • Realtime rendered 3D setting. Based on a 50's cartoon style environment and music
  • Bizarre and original Plot
  • Off-the-wall animated sequences
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