Gametek are proud to introduce DARK COLONY, a top futuristic military simulation

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It has been 200 years since the first primitive vessel reached Alpha Centauri and in that time humanity has spread through space. The discovery of some 30 habitable systems gave governments new options in dealing with the twin problems of over-population and limited resources. By the close of the first era of interstellar expansion, the reduction in population and ecological revitalisation programs on a grand scale had returned Earth to an almost idyllic state. The international corporations that dominated business and industry in the late 20th century had become the "silent partners" of the expanding Federation. By 2098, these "Mega-Corps" controlled almost all trading mercantile/industrial divisions, and manynmore smaller concerns. The major divisions provided the bulk of a Mega-Corp's income. Mercantile warfare was inevitable and became common-place, exploiting legal manoeuvring and espionage along the way.

Dark Colony is a speed-efficient, smooth-scrolling, 2 thirds perspective battlefield game, that pitches you slap-bang in the middle of a complex new world where the words "freed" and "power" have lost nothing in their translation over the years. Your leadership qualities and resource-management skills will be tested to the limit as you embark on researching weapon technology, capturing resources and attacking the enemy. Control your own power base through alien military conflict. Divide your troops into units and lead them into strategic battle with a host of volatile Corporations and their tactically variable armies.

This challenging strategic battle takes place within a varied range of terrain and is set across a number of different scenarios, which can be pre-selected or built to your own specifications using the tools provided. Enhance your Corporate Empire and lock tactical horns with a relentless number of alien, human, and indigenous species.


- A combination of real-time building, strategy, and tactical warfare gaming set in an extra-terrestrial environment.
- Control of entire units or individual troops, assited by several zoom features allowing precise character control.
- Opponent skill level select to set the right playing conditions for both new and experienced players of this type of game.
- The use of tools to build your own maps and scenarios.
- Multi-player support for local area networks, modem and internet play.
- Gorgeous in-game lighting efforts providing "realism" with the use of smoke, fire, lasers and explosions, for example, missiles travelling over terrain light the ground during fight, muzzle flashes and explosions light up the surrounding terrain and nearby sprites.
- Day and Night battles.
- Variable gameplay viewpoint options.

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Dark Colony will be available for Windows 95 in June 1997.

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