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ID4: The Video Game Lets You Save The World

Los Angeles, CA -- You are the Earth's last hope... Strapping yourself into the seat of a jet fighter, you are a fearless pilot, leading a battle to stop the madness of an Alien invasion force, starting its final attack on Earth. Inspired by the feature film, Fox Interactive is creating a flight-and-fight arcade experience of INDEPENDENCE DAY for Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Windows 95 CD-ROM.

In your race to save the world from an armada of Aliens set to wipe out civilization, city-by-city, Earth's deadliest menace is waiting to attack. Make your way through real time 3-D environments in the quest to destroy the Alien's Mothership. Then, build an armed fleet comprised of mankind's greatest fighter jets -- from FA-18's, to EF 2000's and Soviet MiG-31's -- to battle head-to-head with the Aliens. One by one, blast each of the giant spacecraft ready to obliterate London, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and other world centers. The onslaught intensifies as cities begin to fry and the fate of the Earth falls in your hands. The Independence Day video game lets players experience the action of this blockbuster movie first-hand, said Jon Richmond, president, Fox Interactive. In your quest to save Earth, you have the option of engaging in solo mission dog-fights with the Aliens or going head-to-head with another gamer on the same machine with a split screen or network gameplay.

The script for Independence Day the movie reads almost like a video game with multiple levels of non-stop action, said Dean Devlin, the film's producer and writer. The game is faithful to the movie, letting players fight even more battles while providing the opportunity to experience the adventure first hand by becoming a character in the film.

Your mission, as the fighter pilot: stop the Aliens, NOW! First you must battle Alien attack fighters on your own quest to reach the City Destroyers which are deployed by the massive Alien Mothership in Earth's orbit. From Washington, D.C. to Moscow, and from Cape Canaveral to a Russian Submarine Base at Nakhoda, the City Destroyers position themselves on top of more than a dozen cities or bases, waiting for orders from the Mothership to decimate their most sought-after targets. In order to defeat the City Destroyers, you must attack their underside which is blocked by a defensive force field while you are also battling off the waves of Alien fighters and ground based weapons. In addition, gamers must complete a special mission within each level before they can move on to destroy the mothership.

For a spectacular conclusion boarding the captured Alien fighter, you fly inside the massive and threatening Mothership. As Alien troops appear, you search for the vulnerable target which will destroy the Mothership -- and when you find it, fire! INDEPENDENCE DAY from Fox Interactive invades retail shelves in early 1997 for Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Windows 95 CD-ROM.

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Fox Interactive, an operating unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a News Corporation Company, is committed to developing bold and engaging interactive entertainment. Drawing from the hottest properties that Fox Filmed Entertainment, Fox Television and other News Corporation companies have to offer, Fox Interactive creates truly interactive products that capture the excitement of proven entertainment.

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