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The X-WING Collector's CD-ROM is now available in the stores. The game includes the two previous X-WING data disks: Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing, and also 6 extra missions only available on this CD-ROM. It features a new graphic system similar to the one used in Tie-Fighter, adds digital sounds and voices.

Psygnosis will release at the end of January, the sequel to Innocent Until Caught. Tentatively named Guilty, the game features over 100 different locations and many puzzles. It can be played from the point of view of either Jack T. Ladd, your character in the first episode, or Ysanne Andropath, a policewoman. Gameplay has been redesigned so you cannot be killed and the control syste is more user friendly than before.

Fantasy Fest is a compilation from S.S.I. that contains 4 titles: Unlimited Adventures, Dungeon Hack, Fantasy Empires and Stronhold. The compilation comes on one CD-ROM and the four games have to be installed on the hard disk. Three demos are also packed in this package (Menzoberranzan, Panzer General and Cyclones). It is available now.

From Paul Woakes, author of the famous Mercenary, comes a new game for the PC CD-ROM, Damocles. Set in a 3D "real environment", the game takes full advantage of the CD-ROM's possibilities. You will fly among the planets and the moons to find clues and objects that will give you solutions to avoid the comet Damocles to collide with Eris, the fifth planet of the Gamma solar system. An orchestra soundtrack and support of Virtual Reality headsets like the Forte VFX 1 will give the player an astonishing experience! The game should be released at the end of March 95.


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