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Tormenting Puzzles from Three of the World's Most Popular Games

Medford, OR, November 11, 1996 -- Think you're too old to play house? Think again. Think until you feel like you're getting an ice-cream headache. Think until smoke starts pouring out of your ears. Think you've had enough? Uncle Henry doesn't think so. The tortured genius who made The 7th Guestand The 11th Hour two of the biggest hits in computer gaming is back. Twelve rooms of his miniature mansion are furnished with eight mind-blowing puzzles from those blockbusters - - plus four new games from Trilobyte's latest release, Clandestiny. The attic houses a 13th puzzle, an all-new exciting challenge never seen before.

Uncle Henry's Playhouse will be available for the WIN 95 platform in November. Your puzzling adventure begins in the dollhouse of mad toy maker, Henry Stauf, built in homage to his horrifying mansion. There, you have to travel room by room, puzzle by puzzle, through it's dark mysterious walls.

Henry Stauf was a brilliant toy maker who created enchanting playthings. Unfortunately for the children who received his wonderful toys, he also had a dark and disturbed imagination that sometimes took a turn for the deadly. With three artificial intelligence games, powerfully enhanced sound, extensive replay opportunities, and puzzles that both novices and experts will embrace, Uncle Henry's Playhouse guarantees hours of challenging play. Enter with your eyes and your mind wide open.

"Uncle Henry's Playhouse is like going to a big Saturday night party at the Stauf Mansion. It embodies the Trilobyte tradition of richly rendered 3D backgrounds and the best puzzles from three of our great games," said Rob Landeros, CEO and Creative Director. "It's a sure to please stocking stuffer or gift for the gamer on your shopping list," continued Landeros.

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With a reputation for superior quality and groundbreaking technical achievement, Medford, OR-based Trilobyte, Inc. is a leading producer and publisher of interactive entertainment products. It was founded in 1991 with a mission to broaden the interactive entertainment software market by creating and delivering original, high-quality products that combine the interactivity of a CD-ROM with a sophisticated, compelling story line. Trilobyte's debut release, The 7th Guest, ranks as one of the most successful CD-ROM games in the history of the industry, with more than 1 million copies sold worldwide since 1993. The 11thHour: The Sequel to The 7th Guest, the company's highly anticipated follow-up effort, set a new industry record when it was released in late 1995, shipping more than 500,000 units worldwide, the highest number of preorders ever for a CD-ROM game.

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