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Sunnyvale, CA, September 30, 1996 -- Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) today announced the release of The Definitive Wargame Collection: Vol. II, a compilation of twelve wargames spanning eight centuries. In addition to SSI's titles, this mega-collection includes additional classic hits from four distinguished wargame publishers, IntraCorp/Three-Sixty, Colorado Computer Creations, Spectrum Holobyte and Koei Corporation. From submarines to Samurai's, Turrets to Tanks, it's all here and we've done the collecting for you in this dynamite 4 CD pack!

Hit land and sea with IntraCorp/Three-Sixty's Harpoon II, plus two Bonus Expansion Disks, Harpoon II Battleset 2: West Pac, and Harpoon II Battleset 3: Cold War and take command of a variety of modern combat ships, submarines and aircraft. Experience grand-scale WWII ground combat in V for Victory: market Garden and V for Victory: Utah Beach. Nocives and veterans alike will be carried away in the course of events and that originated on the beaches of France in 1944.

Dare to reunite a splintered land in 2nd century China in Koei Corporation's Romance of the Three Kingdoms III; build a 12th century world-wide empire in Gengis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf. Perhaps you might prefer to put an end to the Axis terror once and for all in Operation Europe -- the only rules you need follow are those you decree!

Adding to this already impressive list is Colorado Computer Creations's High Command. Keep a cool head as you juggle military, economic and political resources! Still not enough to satisfy your thirst for political power? Then test your leadership deftness in Spectrum Holobyte's Command HQ.

Rounding out this incredible collection are four enduring titles from SSI. With a data bank full of tanks, past and present, poise yourself for armored conflict any way YOU want it in the award winning Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! and Steel Panthers. Use your diplomatic tactics to sway neutral nations to join your side in Clash of Steel, covering World War II Europe from 1939 through 1945. Add the spectacularly successful Panzer General to this incredible wargame roster and you have a treasury of games that will keep you endlessly entertained.

To quote Scott Evans, The Definitive Wargame II's Producer, "The huge success of Panzer General has sparked interest in wargaming. This second volume of thoughtfully selected titles continues to broaden the strategy player base even more by introducing the wargame neophytes to yet more timeless classics."

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Strategic Simulations, Inc., a Mindscape Company, is one of the industry's leading electronic entertainment game publishers. Founded in 1979 and based in Sunnyvale, CA, SSI is recognized worldwide for its critically acclaimed 5 Star Series which includes such mega-hits as Panzer General, Allied General, and Fantasy General. In addition, SSI is acknowledged as a premier fantasy role-playing publisher for its World of Aden and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line of products and its highly realistic simulations including the recently released Su-27 Flanker: The Military Flight Simulator and Silent Hunter.

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