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Ogdensburg, New York, October 2, 1996 - Sirtech announced today that Nemesis - The Wizardry Adventure will hit the shelves beginning October 25, 1996.

Voted the "Most Impressive PC Game of the show" at E3 by Online Gaming Review Magazine, the long-awaited Nemesis will continue the legacy that launched a series by which all others would be judged. The first game in the Wizardry role-playing series appeared in 1981, followed by six highly successful sequels. Nemesis marks the beginning of a new line of Wizardry Adventure games which will complement the award-winning role-playing series.

Shipping on five CDs, Nemesis is destined to revolutionize the market with its unique combination of elements, including: stunning 3D graphics, responsive, real-time combat, full stereo soundtrack, rich digital speech and an easy to use interface that won't get in the way of your adventure. Leading the way to the next generation of adventure games, Nemesis - The Wizardry Adventure is a blend of fantasy role-playing and adventure...one that Sirtech knows is worthy of its coveted Wizardry name.

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Sirtech Software, Inc. is a thriving entertainment software publisher celebrating its 16th anniversary in 1996. Sirtech's titles have garnered more than 70 prominent awards and commendations world-wide. Sirtech's products are crafted and designed to provide hundreds of hours of riveting entertainment to gamers throughout the world.

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