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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 1, 1996 -- Escape from the day-to-day rat race of the here and now and enter the futuristic world of the 22nd century as DEUS, a determined and aggressive bounty hunter on the planet Alcibiade. In this new action-filled and incredible realistic role-playing adventure game, your mission is to track and kill the terrorists who have captured your planet's research station.

However, the way to these skilled and dangerous radicals is anything but easy. You will face a myriad of challenges including jungles, swamps and traps. In oder to survive, you'll have to avoid these pitfalls and solve mind-bending puzzles. From every side, you will be attacked by a variety of predators, such as blobs, cannibals, baby Yetis, and Samurai robots. In a flash, you can go from being the hunter to being the hunted, with a bounty placed on your own head. With the terrorists taken care of, your mission isn't finished. You must still save the station and collect your reward.

Players can choose between two game modes: role playing or arcade. The first will appeal to those who prefer strategy, while the second caters to those who crave action. Two modes means twice the fun and double the entertainment. It's like getting two different games in a single box.

In role-playing mode, you will experience the real-life physical challenges (including pounding heart rate, injuries, fatigue and poisoning) of your character, created by the game's real-time simulation. Your job is to keep track of your food, energy, health and blood pressure to ensure that you don't perish before you reach your goal.

For the most aggressive players, DEUS's arcade mode lets you grab a weapon and mow down any and every enemy in your path. Choose anything from an axe to a rocket launcher from your personal arsenal and attack any of the 40 different enemies that are lying in wait for you. DEUS animates characters and landscapes in 3D and adds 3D stereo sound, multiple light sources, and transparency and wave effects. The result of two years of work by 15 artists, musicians and programmers, this game provides high-quality animation, real-time effects, and unbelievable realism.

DEUS, which is Windows 95 and DOS compatible, requires a minimum configuration of a Pentium 90 processor, SVGA monitor, 8 Mb of RAM, a quad-speed CD-ROM drive and a 16-bit sound card. DEUS costs $69.98 and is available on CD-ROM.

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ReadySoft, which is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, publishes a variety of action and adventure games for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The company also has titles available for Sega and Sony. Popular titles include Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and BrainDead 13.

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