Mindscape Announces Chessmaster Online -- The World's Best Chess Program Invades the Internet

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Novato, CA, September 4, 1996 -- Ready to prove yourself a chess wizard? No problem! Simply point your browser to the Mindscape Chessmaster Network and download a beta version of Chessmaster Online, a rich graphical chess program that enables you to play liver over the internet with chess opponents (from beginner to advanced) worldwide for free.

The Chessmaster Network and Chessmaster Online are the first online extensions of the best-selling chess computer software of all time. Chessmaster 5000, Mindscape's newest addition to the software series, delivers dozens of realistic opponent personalities, as well as stunning texture-mapped chess pieces and boards in true 3D perspective. Once you're connected to the internet and you've downloaded the Chessmaster Online browser, you're ready to play chess against real opponents and even chat and argue about key moves and strategy -- all in real time.

"We've timed the release of this online community to coincide with the new release of the Chessmaster 5000 CD-ROM," said Mark Nieker, executive vice president and general manager, Mindscape Online Publishing. "Chessmaster 5000 ensures that Mindscape is plugged in to the chess playing community. The immense popularity of gaming on the internet combined with this unique position among chess fans has already attracted a lot of anticipation. The Chessmaster Network delivers on the internet's potential to create an online gaming forum where people can meet, play and interact -- regardless of where they live."

Though the emphasis is on competition, the Chessmaster Network home page also features a rich, dynamic offering of timely chess information. You can find details on where and when upcoming chess tournaments will be held, post and read messages in the chat hall, read regular columns from prominent figures in the chess world, learn about the history of chess, and even test your skills with a wide assortment of chess puzzles that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced skill levels. You can also subscribe to the Chessmaster Network mailing list, which will automatically keep you informed of upcoming events, news, and tournaments on the Chessmaster Network.

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Mindscape, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of consumer software for personal computers and video console systems. An industry pioneer with over fifteen years of experience, Mindscape provides award-winning software for the entertainment, education, and reference markets.

Mindscape is headquartered in Novato, CA, with offices in North America, Europe, and Australia. The company's development subsidiaries include Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) of Sunnyvale, CA, and Micrologic of Emeryville, CA. Mindscape is part of Pearson, plc, the international media group based in London which focuses on the information, education, and entertainment markets.

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