Interactive Magic to Launch Harpoon Classic 97

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Award Winning Naval Strategy Game Improved and Released with Online Acess

Research Triangle Park, NC, September 30, 1996 -- Interactive Magic, developer and publisher of Internet, Online and CD-ROM games, will release Harpoon Classic 97 of the ward winning Harpoon series. Harpoon Classic 97 is a modern naval strategy game with battles scenarios based in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the North Atlantic. The original Harpoon, which was released in 1989, was named one of the "Top 40 Best Games of all Time" by PC Gamer Magazine and is in Computer Gaming World Magazine's "Hall of Fame".

One of the key features of Harpoon Classic 97 is that game players can compete online against others from around the world. The online version will be played on CompuServe, America Online and other online networks. Fifteen free hours on America Online are included with the boxed version of Harpoon Classic 97.

"For years Harpoon fans have been battling against computer generated enemies in different versions of the game. Now, for the first time, they will be able to test their strategies against up to 30 other human players." said Interactive Magic Chairman "Wild Bill" Stealey.

Harpoon Classic 97 will also feature 50 all new missions, more realistic terrain, and dozens of new ships, submarines and aircraft. A mission editor and a new player control interface will allow gamers to customize their game. To make the game easy for beginners, Harpoon Classic 97 will offer a tutorial, the point-and-click simplicity of Windows 95 and online help files.

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Interactive Magic is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and is dedicated to developing and publishing high quality multimedia games for the Internet, Online and CD-ROM.

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