The Logic Factory Announces the Release Date for
The Tone Rebellion

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Highly anticipated follow-up to the CODIE Award-winning Strategy game, Ascendancy to be released on 1997 Vernal Equinox

Novato, Ca, September 22, 1996 -- It is the first day of the Autumnal Equinox. Leaves are changing, cool air surrounds us, darkness lurks in the shadows, the earth shifts into its winter hibernation and the countdown begins to the launch of the highly anticipated real-time strategy game, The Tone Rebellion, from The Logic Factory.

The Tone Rebellion features a constat struggle between light and dark and good battling evil. Symbolizing this struggle is The Vernal Equinox, a time of changing seasons where darkness succumbs to light and the earth begins its ascent from the depths of winter. This symbol reinforces the struggle that the game imparts and celebrates. The conflict represented by the struggle of light over dark at the equinox is manifested in the game by the players hopeful victory over darkness. The Tone Rebellion streets on March 20, 1997 and follows the critically acclaimed Ascendancy, Software Publisher's Association's Best Strategy Game of the Year.

"The Tone Rebellion takes the player into a world crafted from mythology, fantasy and our life experiences," said Thomas Blom, co-founder of The Logic Factory. "The Vernal Equinox symbolizes the struggle and co- existence that is created in this game between light and dark. The March 20 release emphasizes that these struggles are part of all things, including, of course, our own lives."

The Tone Rebellion is a collection of seventeen island worlds, suspended in an ethereal void, connected by a variety of mystical doorways, bridges and tunnels.

Each world is inhabited by various creatures, the most notable of which are Floaters-species who struggle together against a common monolithic enemy. It is also laden with pools of the mystical, healing and life- giving resource, Tone.

In this real-time strategy game, the player must guide Floater species, develop their colonies and maintain their Tone resources gaining strength and ability along the way. Choices will range from creating new floaters, building structures, tapping into a tone pool or traveling off and exploring the land to find more resources and clues about how to survive and defeat the Leviathan. Throughout the players development of their colony, the Leviathan continues to gain strength and deplete the players of their precious Tone pools.

In addition to solo game play, the product will also feature a point to point network multiplayer system. Competition is present in number of forms, but the thrust of multiplayer promotes cooperation against the ultimate common enemy - the Leviathan.

The Tone Rebellion will be available this Spring through Broderbund Software's Affiliated Labels Program.

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Formed in 1993, The Logic Factory develops unique, stimulating entertainment software. Based in Austin, Texas, The Logic Factory is committed to the development of games that take advantage of new technologies and the increasing capabilities of personal computers.

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