id Software Makes the Sport of Multiplayer Gaming a Reality with the Launch of QUAKEWORLD

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New York, NY, September 19, 1996 -- id Software is once again shaking up the online gaming industry today by offering "a gift to Web gamers" in the form of QUAKEWORLD, id's new Internet action gaming environment, optimized for brutal deathmatching. QUAKEWORLD will offer gamers real-time competition over the Internet, complete with accurate team ranking and statistics and superior multiplayer gameplay based on their new blockbuster PC title, Quake.

Preorders for id's recently released title, Quake, exceeded that of any launch in the history of PC entertainment software and is on pace to outsell even their last blockbuster, Doom II. The worldwide preorders exceeded 1 million units, and according to id officials, most retailers have already placed reorders, as the game has been flying off shelves with no signs of the mania dying down. Quake has also managed to find its way into unlikely and unprecedented alternative channels such as Southland Corporation's chain of more than 5,000 7-11 convenience stores.

"Quake is the only A list 3D action game featuring leading-edge technology for battling at incredible speeds over the Internet," said Mike Wilson, director of marketing and distribution at id Software. "We're doing our part to bring true quality gaming to the 'Net and we're doing it for free."

As the gaming world moves to the Internet, id's lead programmer and industry vanguard, John Carmack, is keeping id Software and its Quake technology at the forefront. Since the completion of Quake, Carmack has fully dedicated id's programming resources to further optimizing the game for the Internet and laying out the architecture for QUAKEWORLD.

"QUAKEWORLD legitimizes Internet bragging rights," said Carmack. "Therefore, if anyone claims to be one of the top 10 best QUAKEWORLD players, they have the record to back it up. We can also use this data to post stats like greatest frags per minute, longest uninterrupted Quake game, cruelest to newbies, etc. This structure will be essential to the continuing growth and evolution of the online gaming community."

A small network of master servers will act as QUAKEWORLD's homebase for the statistics of every Internet Quake game played. When a server is initiated, it automatically registers itself with id's master servers. And, when a player wants to join a game, his computer will inquire with the master server to find out which servers are currently available. All "kills" or "frags" will be logged, allowing for a global ranking of all individuals and teams playing the game.

Further illustrating the evolution of online gaming as a sport, Quake has spawned a grassroots phenomenon of Quake teams or "clans." Legions of gamers have formed clans to challenge each other in free-for-all deathmatches or "rumbles."

QUAKEWORLD features include a chat mode, the ability to jump into Quake games mid-play, and extremely rapid response times to guarantee accurate shots and fluid gameplay. Current owners of Quake's registered version will be able to play in QUAKEWORLD. People currently running servers will be able to download the QUAKEWORLD freeware off of id's Web site and their computers will be registered on id's master server. 'QUAKE-Spy,' a third party program also available for free on id's site and other Quake sites including Stomped, is a Windows 95 application that will give point-and-click access to search for and join the fastest currently active Quake servers in a gamer's area. QUAKEWORLD runs on all servers running Windows 95/NT4.

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id Software, founded in 1991, is a software development company located in Mesquite, Texas. idUs team of talented developers continue to make gaming history by creating and publishing one sensational action game after another. Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, HEXEN and Quake have created a frenzied demand worldwide and have managed to consistently break shareware and retail sales records at home and abroad.

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