Pajama Sam - the World's Youngest Superhero - to Debut in Humongous Entertainment's Most Elaborate CD-ROM Ever

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Hand-Animated World of Adventure Changes Every Time You Play

Woodinville (Seattle), WA, October 1, 1996 -- Humongous Entertainment, creator of award-winning interactive games for children and a subsidiary of GT Interactive Software Corp. (NASDAQ: GTIS), will introduce its new original character and most elaborate Junior Adventure gamer ever on October 18. Pajama Sam, the world's youngest superhero, will join the company's family of popular friends, who include Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish. Pajama Sam in No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside, a Windows and Macintosh CD-ROM for kids ages 3-8, will be available for $39.95.

"Pajama Sam gives families who love adventure games a new friend and an engaging, hand-animated world of 54 interactive locations that change every time they play. Pajama Sam is our answer to the many requests we get from our customers to build a more challenging game. We are growing with the children who have already played our games, while adding fun surprises, hints and help for newcomers," said Humongous Entertainment co-founder and Pajama Sam co-designer Ron Gilbert.

Pajama Sam is a little scared of the dark until he turns into the world's youngest superhero and sets out to confront his fear. The transformation is easy as long as he has his mask, cape, flashlight and his signature-edition, all-metal Pajama Man lunch box. Unfortunately for our pint-sized hero, the Customs Trees confiscate Sam's items and scatter them randomly throughout the Land of Darkness. Kids help Pajama Sam recover his stolen superhero gear and find his way through a world of talking trees, dancing furniture, underground rivers, a giant tree house and a sunken mine. They discover that clever thinking, teamwork and problem solving are always the keys to success and that darkness isn't so bad after all. "Children of all gaes will have fun as they direct the journey, explore the Land of Darkness, and help Sam overcome challenges and his fear of the dark. Along the way, they will discover new characters, plaves and puzzles that change each time they play," said Richard Moe, Pajama Sam co-designer and lead programmer.

"Kids will love the colorful and expressive characters, from Pajama Sam to Otto the boat and Kind the mine car, who come to life through thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation. We've packed in close-ups, cut scenes and hundreds of click-point surprises to create an interactive cinematic experience," said Rhonda Conley, Pajama Sam lead artist and co-designer.

Play It Again Sam!

It's a long time before players experience the same game twice because so many things change each time they play. Examples of changing gameplay and new features include:

Sam's lunch box, flashlight and mask are found in different places in his bedroom at the start of each game.
The Customs Inspections Trees confiscate Sam's superhero gear and scatter it in different places throughout the Land of Darkness each game.
After successfully completing a game, players discover as many as 10 new environments that weren't there before, meet new characters, and encounter new puzzles the next time they play.
The puzzles change for each new game. For example, when solving the connect-the- numbered-dots puzzle, players may need to count by 1s, 2s, 3s or 10s.
Humongous Entertainment's first pop-up inventory gives players quick access to collected game items. The pop-up disappears from the screen during play, allowing screen space to be filled with more click points and colorful arts.

Minigames and Activities

Puzzles, games and activities throughout Pajama Sam delivers hours of fun for kids and their parents!

The Brain Tickler -- Wink and Blink, the Doors of Knowledge, host this game show of wacky trivia questions. Sam must correctly answer four questions, which change every game, before he can gain access to areas such as the library and laboratory. The four "brain ticklers" are drawn from more than 60 questions and 10 categories, including the Land of Darkness, which tests players' memory about areas that they need to explore in the game.

Nuggets -- Players rack up points as they control a mine cart that picks up treasures scattered throughout 100 caverns. But watch out for lava, chasms and an ever-growing tail of mine carts that can get in the way of goodie-grabbing gameplay!

Cheese and Crackers -- Kids help Sam match wits with a toaster, taking turns placing cheese and crackers on one of three grids. It's a whole new spin on Tic-Tac-Toe. The goal is to get three, four of five pieces in a row, depending upon the size of the playing board kids choose.

Socks -- Twenty socks are scattered throughout the Land of Darkness in different places each game. Players who successfully help Sam collect all 10 pairs and match them up in his laundry basket will enjoy an animated surprise.

Animated Click Points -- Hundreds of secret click points can be launched into animated, sound-filled action with the click of a mouse. Click again to discover a new surprise, or click all around to fire up a screen full of fun. Some click points, like a baseball and bat, can work together for a grand-slam good time!

Helpful Features

helpful features in Pajama Sam make it easy for kids and parents to get hints or take a break and finish playing a game later.

Stumped? Kids can always revisit the friendly blue tree, who gave Sam a rope, for game hints and advice. Additional detailed help is only an "F1" keystroke away.

Out of time? Players can Save and Load games by using the "S" and "L" keys.

Club Humongous Online

In late October, Pajama Sam will take over Club Humongous Online, a virtual fun house for kids that is updated weekly at Humongous Online. Kids will be able to solve a scavenger hunt within the Web site to win free software, download Pajama Sam wallpaper for their computer desktops, listen to sounds, print coloring pages, and discover fun surprises.

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Established in 1992 by Shelley Day and Ron Gilbert, Humongous Entertainment creates high-quality, hand-drawn, interactive Junior Adventures, Junior Field Trips and Junior Arcade CD-ROM's that encourage kids to explore, discover and have fun. Endearing original characters include Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Fatty Bear, Buzzy the Knowledge Bug and Pajama Sam.

Junior Adventures challenge and inspire kids to think for themselves in creative and flexible ways. Children play with faithful, lovable friends as they discover captivating worlds where they direct the journey and overcome challenges at their own pace. Humongous Entertainment's heart-warming characters and engaging adventures come to life through feature-film quality animation, original music and the power of a child's imagination. Humongous Entertainment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GT Interactive Software Corporation.

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