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Chantilly, VA, August 23, 1996 -- Legend Entertainment Company announced the planned fourth quarter 1996 release of the PC CD-ROM comedy adventure game Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. The game is set in what looks like a typical present-day Long Island bar except that the crowd of regulars includes time travelers, space aliens and other unusual folks. Legend Entertainment's Chairman Mike Verdu said, "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon is friendly like the Cheers bar, but has a cosmic clientele like the Star Wars cantina. It's the place where every being knows your name."

Callahan's offers a unique twist on the traditional adventure game format. The game consists of six adventures organized like a TV sitcom, in which each episode presents the band of regulars with a new challenge. Legend Entertainment's President and Callahan's Executive Producer Bob Bates commented, "This game is accessible and fun for everyone. Because of the episodic format, people can play through one of the stories in an evening or two and come away with a real sense of accomplishment. Then they can come back for another story without having to remember everything from their first session. Callahan's offers incredible entertainment value-the funny puzzles, witty dialogue, gorgeous environments and nonviolent themes will appeal to the whole family."

The Callahan's episodes can be played in almost any order and offer comic insights into the human condition. Players will travel from the streets of Transylvania to the rain forests of Brazil and the edges of the Universe as they help the Callahan's regulars solve life's thorniest problems. Beautiful 360 degree panoramic vistas bring the scenes to life and give the player a highly detailed view in any direction.

Bates continued, "Josh Mandel brings sterling credentials to the game designer's role. Josh is a gifted comedic writer who toured the country for nine years as a stand-up comedian and designed many award-winning games for Sierra including Freddy Pharkas and Space Quest VI. With Callahan's, Josh has created a gaming environment teeming with hilarious situations, comical puns and outrageous characters."

The game's premise is that Earth is an art exhibit for the entertainment of the "Gods." One of the Gods, Gingranich, wants to cut Earth's funding. Fortunately for Earth, Gingranich's chief advisor stops for a drink at Callahan's where he learns some powerful lessons about laughter and friendship.

The Callahan's world popularized in the seven Callahan's Crosstime Saloon books was created by author Spider Robinson, who has won three Hugo awards and a Nebula. The New York Times called Robinson, "the next Robert Heinlein" and the American Library Association named Callahan's Crosstime Saloon the Best Book for Young Adults. Callahan's fans gather online at alt.callahans, which is among the busiest newsgroups worldwide. The next Callahan's novel, Callahan's Legacy, will be released in October (Tor Books 800-288-2131).


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Legend Entertainment Company, founded in 1989, is a leading developer and publisher of high quality entertainment software featuring compelling story lines and richly detailed environments. Recent best-selling titles include Mission critical, Shannara and Death Gate.

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