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Due to the superb progress being made by two of the programming teams at Bullfrog Productions there have been some changes to our Winter 1996 release schedule.

Syndicate Wars, the eagerly awaited follow-up to the massive hit Syndicate will be published in early September. Syndicate Wars will feature the unique blend of strategy and action that made it's predecessor such a classic program. However three years of technological developments means that Syndicate Wars will feature a fully rotatable landscape, intricately mapped cities with full light sourcing and the most awesome explosions ever to be seen on a computer screen.

Next in line will be Gene Wars, a fascinating blend of strategy and god game with a healthy dollop of humour, due out at the end of September. Gene Wars pays homage to the classic 50's B movie both in its graphics and in its evocative and atmospheric music and sound. An original plot and sheer playability means that Gene Wars is certain of its place in the Bullfrog hall of fame.

The very late but still great Dungeon Keeper will now be published in October. New graphics and greatly refined gameplay means that Dungeon Keeper is sure to live up to the hype which has surrounded since it was first shown to the press last Summer.

"Dungeon Keeper is now the game I always imagined that it would be. It has that magic and complusiveness which sets great games apart from those that are merely good" said Peter Molyneux, Co Founder of Bullfrog Productions. "It is now finishing touches and tweaking time for Dungeon Keeper but as Syndicate Wars and Gene Wars are finished and playing so well it seemed crazy to hold them back any longer."

Syndicate Wars, Gene Wars and Dungeon Keeper will all be published by Bullfrog Productions for PC CD. World-wide distribution by Electronic Arts.

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Since its formation in 1987, Bullfrog Productions has created titles that have changed the face of gaming. Their first title, Populous, defined the 'god game' genre and has since inspired numerous clones. This was followed by other-winning titles such as Populous II, Powermonger, Syndicate, Theme Park, Hi-Octane, last year's Magic Carpet, and most recently, Magic Carpet 2. With over 85 awards to date, Bullfrog earned Computer Player Magazine's 1994 Best Software Developer award, as well as numerous similar awards in Europe.

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