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Players Lunge Into Galactic 23rd Century Sports

San Jose, CA, August 19, 1996 -- Accolade, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced Pitball, a futuristic cyber sports game for the Sony PlayStation game console. Players compete to prove supremacy in an inter-galactic, fast-paced, multiplayer sports game. Pitball will be available this fall.

"Pitball's combination of fighting, sports and futuristic competition are unlike any other game currently available," said Jim Barnett, CEO of Accolade. "Pitball's presence in the market stands alone with its unique game play."

Played within a pit arena dug out from the planet's surface, the competition in Pitball is between two teams consisting of two players each. Scoring is best achieved by demolishing the opponent using punches, special moves, death moves and power-ups, while attempting to shoot a glowing power ball into a goal to score. Twelve races from twelve planets compete for the ultimate prize of galactic champion.

Pitball's teams are equipped with "power gloves," which carry the ball and can shock and stun opponents. In full season play, Pitball offers distinctive game options such as sponsorships, gambling and bribery to add depth to the game play.

Pitball's 3D engine showcases the Sony PlayStation's graphics capabilities. Multiple camera angles allows players to customize their view of the action. Animation and full motion video are use to complement the game sequences.

Pitball extends beyond single-play to multi-play using the Sony PlayStation game console's Multitap allowing foru players to compete simultaneously.

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Headquartered in San Jose, California, Accolade, Inc. publishes action, sports and strategy games for personal computers and next generation gaming systems, such as the Sony PlayStation game console. The company's products are distributed in North America by Warner/Elecktra/Atlantic Corporation, a unit of Warner Music Group. Leading titles from Accolade include Bubsy, HardBall, Jack Nicklaus, Deadlock and Star Control. Accolade games are available from major software specialty stores, computer super-stores or direct from Accolade by calling 800-245-7744.

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