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Sunnyvale, CA, July 25, 1996 -- Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI), today announced the release of Steel Panthers Campaign Disk for exclusive use with the award- winning Steel Panthers.

In Steel Panthers you went tank in the squad level blockbuster starring YOU as the commander of a single squadron or entire battalion. Now you can expand your battlefield with the addition of three campaigns and thirty five stand-alone scenarios!

Command the German Africa Corps against the British 8th Army on the June, 1942 drive to the Nile in the Battle of North Africa. Or command the panzer forces of Army Group Center during the first year of Germany's 1941 invasion of Russia in Operation Barbarossa. Haven't satisfied your hunger for more engagements? Then re-create the exploits of the legendary 4th Armored Division as Patton drives across France and into Germany. You might even end up side-by-side with the Russians in war-torn Berlin!

In addition to these impressive campaigns are thirty-five harrowing individual scenarios covering battles from Europe to the Pacific including Battle of Kamarovka, Nowy Yarg, Poland, Death of the 11th Panzer Brigade, Bloody Ridge, Guadalcanal, Suribachi just to name a few!

So grab your gear and prepare to battle! Hours of gut-wrenching armored warfare will have you running for cover!

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Strategic Simulations, Inc., a Mindscape Company, is one of the industry's leading electronic entertainment game publishers. Founded in 1979 and based in Sunnyvale, CA, SSI is recognized worldwide for its critically acclaimed 5 Star Series which includes such mega-hits as Panzer General, Allied General, and Fantasy General. In addition, SSI is acknowledged as a premier fantasy role-playing publisher for its World of Aden and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line of products and its highly realistic simulations including the recently released Su-27 Flanker: The Military Flight Simulator and Silent Hunter.

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