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Slipstream 5000 Flies out at 9.99 British Pounds

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Sheffield, England -- Slipstream 5000 the plaudit winning CD-ROM 3D Flight sim/racing game is being re-released by Gremlin Interactive at the giveaway price of 9.99 British pounds.

It's worth remembering that Slipstream was released on PC 6 months before WipEout appeared on the PlayStation and its blend of speed and smart 3D graphics with that all important playability still make it one of the most original and enjoyable PC racers around.

There are ten exciting and varied circuits to choose from. You can fly through the Grand Canyon at over 300 mph or hurtle down the Thames past St Pauls and the Houses of parliament.

The graphics still look fantastic and on a pentium, Slipstream really flies through an array of volcanoes, forests, canyons, beaches and bustling cityscapes.

There are also ten different Slipstreamers to choose from, champions in their own right from across the globe. Each has their own unique vehicle that is honed to individual specifications and a unique personality that affects their strategy and tactics.

Slipstream 5000 is a brilliant racing game and at 9.99 British pounds it's a perfect way to while away those rainy summer days.

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This press release was provided by Gremlin Interactive Ltd. UK

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