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Codemasters Displays the Best Tackle in the Business
as "The Human Rhino" Charges onto PlayStation and Saturn

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Codemasters, Warwickshire, England, July 1996 -- He's rough, tough and certainly the biggest thing in world rugby - Codemasters is proud to announce the signing of Jonah Lomu, the New Zealand All-Black's star performer, for it's rugby video game entitled Jonah Lomu Rugby.

Lomu, known as "The Human Rhino" in respect of his immense power, will star in the company's multi-player, 3D motion-captured video game, to be published on the Sportsmaster label, scheduled to appear on PlayStation and Saturn in November.

With Jonah Lomu headlining the game, players are guaranteed hard hitting, fast-paced rugby action. Played on a world stage, Jonah Lomu Rugby features 32 international teams, including New Zealand, England, France and Japan competing in international competitions. Players can run, tackle, kick, scrum-down and get down-right dirty in a variety of competitions including `Friendly', `Knockout', `League' and `Cup/Trophy'.

Jonah Lomu Rugby not only features the speed of backward play but, unlike previous rugby games, authentically incorporates the more powerful and aggressive - even violent - style of forward play where the crowded, all-in rucks, mulls and scrums form action highlights.

The game's design enables the "pure game play" to shine through. A finely- tuned learning curve ensures the game is instantly playable yet offers a level of unparalleled depth to deliver long-term riotous rugby entertainment.

The project is a design and development project between Codemasters and Rage Software (Midlands) utilizing an 11-strong team. Producing the title at Rage is Trevor Williams, development director and fanatical rugby player, with a highly skilled team which has worked on four previous rugby projects and developed Artificial Intelligence engines for other sports titles.

Commented Codemasters' Rachel England "For a 21-year-old, Lomu's a startling player displaying the perfect combination of aggression and skill. Also, he's a video game fanatic - an expert on our Pete Sampras Tennis game on Sega Mega Drive - and very keen to advise in the construction and playability of the game.

"Together with Rage Software, we have designed a high-end development program, encompassing motion capture and advanced game Artificial Intelligence techniques, to ensure that Jonah Lomu Rugby is another market-leading brand in our Sportsmaster portfolio."

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This press release was provided by Codemasters UK.

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