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Top Gun: Fire at Will!
CD-ROM Game's Value (and Fun!) Extended Via Monthly Mission on the Internet

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Alameda, CA, June 17th, 1996 -- Adding value and enjoyment to Spectrum HoloByte's Top Gun: Fire at Will! is now possible, thanks to the "Mission of the Month," an extra-value feature being made available to players of the popular CD-ROM game.

Registered owners of Top Gun: Fire at Will! now have the opportunity to download and play a new mission each month, simply by logging onto the game manufacturer's web site, www.holobyte.com. Once downloaded, each new mission can be accessed through Instant Action from the game's main menu.

According to Spectrum HoloByte's game designers, each monthly mission will be a self-contained combat experience relating to an overall story line. The April, May and June missions are now up on the Web site. In the initial mission, which went live on the site in April, players find themselves in the middle of a scene of political and social unrest in the island nation of Cuba. Rebels and loyalists alike are encountered, sometimes protesting, other times charging, and even fleeing into hiding. Gamers are challenged to determine which is friend and which is foe, and then react accordingly.

Licensed through Viacom Consumer Products, Top Gun: Fire at Will!, based on the blockbuster Paramount Pictures film TOP GUN, puts players into the cockpit of an F-14 fighter jet. Players graduate from the Top Gun flight academy and eventually battle enemy aircraft around the world.

The game utilizes live action video in its user interface to enhance realism and make the player a part of the story. It combines industry- leading high resolution 3-D graphics technology, authentic looking flying sequences, with one of the most popular action/adventure movies in history, resulting in a fast-action, fun easy-to-play game designed to appeal to the mass market.

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