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Non-Stop Arcade-Action Playing Game Featuring Full-Motion Video and
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Alameda, CA, June 12th, 1996 -- The heart-pounding excitement of action adventure flying awaits players as they take the controls in one of the year's most highly anticipated interactive action-flying games from Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBYT). Top Gun: Fire at Will!, based on the blockbuster hit movie TOP GUN from Paramount Pictures, has shipped and is now available for the PlayStation game console.

Licensed through Viacom Consumer Products, Top Gun: Fire at Will! is one of the first titles for the PlayStation game console to feature full-motion video for a more realistic gaming experience. There are more than 30 nonstop action-packed dogfighting missions, with each level of game play becoming progressively more challenging than the last. Top Gun: Fire at Will! also incorporates a 3-D space, full-action flight feature in which players can attack and destroy the enemy from any direction.

Louis Gioia, Jr., chief marketing officer of Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. reports that taking advantage of these capabilities will allow Top Gun: Fire at Will! to be an ideal title for the popular platform. "Part of the appeal of Top Gun: Fire at Will! lies in the spectacular dogfighting action we're designing into the flight sequences," says Gioia. "When that adrenaline-pumping action is added to the PlayStation game console's ability to showcase a game's graphics, the end result will be sensational."

Additionally, players will enjoy special weapons options which can be accessed on the more difficult levels. Special weapons include the Nuke, the MIRV, the U238 and the Surefire. Pilots will also encounter level bosses that appear only once during the course of the game and display flying abilities and combat skills superior to the typical enemy plane.

In Top Gun: Fire at Will! players assume the role of "Maverick," starting off at Top Gun flight school, then dogfight their way around the world in an epic adventure in which the player must defeat the enemy. The game incorporates live-action video and features actor James Tolkan, who appeared as the commanding officer in the TOP GUN film and who plays a similar role in Top Gun: Fire at Will! Co-starring in the game is Julie Carmen (who stars in the John Carpenter thriller "In the Mouth of Madness") as a veteran foreign corespondent for EBS News who always gets the toughest assignments.

A key benefit of the PlayStation game console, a CD-ROM based platform, is its high-quality video. The unit uses JPEG compression technology to display graphics full-screen at very high resolution.

Product information is available for download from the MicroProse BBS at +1-510-522-8909, FTP site ftp.microprose.com or World Wide Web site: www.microprose.com. For consumer orders, call 1-800-695-GAME in the United States and Canada and call +1-619-693-1200 outside the United States and Canada.

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Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for use on CD-ROM based personal computer systems. The company is also developing software for use on next generation console machines. The company's four development studios are Spectrum HoloByte, Alameda, California; MicroProse Software, Hunt Valley, Maryland; MicroProse Limited, Chipping Sodbury, England; and SimTex Software Corporation, Austin, Texas. Products are available nationally and internationally through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.

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